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September 1, 2016

Pre-Revolution, the Prince Army congregates outside First Avenue

Tonight, First Avenue is on another level. You can feel it in the air; you can sense it on social media; you can read it on the event poster, which heralds “An Evening With The Revolution: Wendy, Lisa, BrownMark, Dr. Fink & Bobby Z.” Today is the first of three reunion dates for the Revolution, Prince’s […]

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You Need To Know: Tufawon and his love for bomba/rap fusion

“Let us grow,” Tufawon chants near the beginning of The Send Off’s “Freedom Seeker,” starting a conversation with the cosmos. His hungry intonation swoops into a stellar verse from Elay, and soon, Tufawon will return to spit bars and shut down the song. But first, he repeats, “Let us grow” — with a “please” this […]

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