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Friday Five: Allan Kingdom, Qaanaaq, and more new Minnesota music videos

Allan Kingdom, "The Ride"

Allan Kingdom, “The Ride”

Allan Kingdom continues his run of awesome videos from Northern Lights, this time co-directing with Ben Hughes.

Qaanaaq, “Solid State”

Qaanaaq are one of Gus Watkins’s many projects, and they sound great.

Nsikak, “Bodied”

Nsikak has a hot track in “Bodied.” It’s short, but it’s forceful, and it’s real: “If you’re going to take a shot, better aim for my Achilles.”

The Cattle Rustler, “Sugar & Honey”


Shot and edited by Eve Daniels, this video shows the Cattle Rustler spending time with loved ones. Guest star: Powderhorn’s Mayday Parade.

Devata Daun, “Animal Instincts”

In case you missed it: Devata Daun flies through space.