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Al Roker tours Paisley Park: ‘Forecast: 100% purple rain, baby!’

via TODAY on Twitter

With Paisley Park set to open to the public tomorrow, the Today Show gave the public a first look at how the venue will appear as a museum. Clips posted to Twitter show Al Roker talking with Sharon Nelson and Norrine Nelson, two of Prince’s half-sisters, who tell Roker “the spirit of Prince is here.”

Roker also talked with Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, who said she’s still coming to terms with her brother’s death and says that Prince’s pet doves have only recently begun to sing again. Tyka praises museum manager Joel Weinshanker and his team for their work preparing Paisley Park for tours, though she says it was not difficult given that Prince always intended for the facility to operate as a museum.

“Everything has been left just as Prince left it,” noted Roker, walking through Studio A and calling Paisley Park “the epicenter for all things Prince.” Roker also toured a “Purple Rain” room with a script, guitar, keyboard, and motorcycle. He also stopped by the NPG Music Club, giving a slightly distorted story about how the room was a basketball court “until the music thing took off.”

After touring the Studio A control room, Roker delivered the inevitable weatherman catch phrase: “Forecast: 100% purple rain, baby!”