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Farewell Milwaukee hop on the bus – literally

Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR

Minneapolis natives Farewell Milwaukee kicked off their pop-up tour supporting their new album FM at Minnesota Public Radio last Friday with a show performed — as every show on this tour will be — on top of their tour vehicle, a converted school bus. Being that it was 50 degrees, chilly, and windy, lead singer Ben Lubeck said, “We’ve played in -5º. We’ve trained for this.”

The tour bus comes from music promotion agency Ocooch Mountain Music; agency co-owner Pete Engen had a roof welded onto the top of the bus, allowing bands to mount the vehicle for self-contained shows.

As the band played in MPR’s parking lot, staffers from The Current, Classical MPR, and MPR News mingled with downtown residents and office workers on lunch break who wandered over, their phones out to snap the spectacle.

“We’re thrilled with how the album came out,” said Lubeck. “We’re so excited to release it to the people who have been following us for a while.”

FM was influenced by the fact that every member of the band is now a father. The theme emerges on the first track, “Hurt No More,” which Lubeck says, “is about my daughter — but it could be about pretty much anyone’s daughter.”

The band are excited to take their show on the road in this novel manner. “We’re all about getting to know people who listen to our music and spreading the love,” said Lubeck. “This is perfect for us.”

After last Friday’s preview gig, the tour starts in earnest this Friday in Northeast Minneapolis. For a full list of dates and times, see the band’s website.

Erianna Jiles is a student at Saint Paul College.

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