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Friday Five: ahem, Chris Bartels, and more new Minnesota music videos

ahem in "Bottle Rocket"

After a deluge of submissions during the last month or so, the stream of local music videos has started to slow. If you’re a Minnesota musician and have new videos to share, feel free to submit your work to cjohnson@mpr.org. Thanks!

ahem, “Bottle Rocket”

ahem are one of the Twin Cities’ punk bands to watch. Luckily, Lizzie Hutchins made that easy enough, having directed, filmed, and edited this video.

Chris Bartels, “Missoula”

Remember the Chris Bartels teaser from Friday Five two weeks ago? It was just the beginning. The teaser has grown into a lyric video for “Missoula,” Bartels’s new single from his EP Myths and Mold. The words sprawl over an amalgamation of impressive Creative Commons videos.

Sarah White, “Alone Together (Darksiders)”

I couldn’t stop listening to “Alone Together (Darksiders),” even after I finished writing about it for the most recent Palace Theatre Session postSarah White‘s new song comes highly recommended.

 Heatwave & Landman, “Sugar Tree Shake”

Introducing… Heatwave & Landman, the aforenamed duo‘s debut album, is due out January 20, 2017. Before they play their Hook & Ladder Theater and Lounge release show, they’ve released their single exclusively via video.

Inside in-studios

Bonus! This month, several of The Current’s staff members sat down to talk about in-studio sessions, or the performances musicians and the team record at Minnesota Public Radio. Members got first access to the documentary, but now it’s open to anyone interested in the making-of. Hear from on-air host Mary Lucia, technical director Michael DeMark, radio production manager Derrick Stevens, and multimedia producer Nate Ryan in the documentary above, and find more information about it here.