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Friday Five: Bionik feat. Lizzo, Juniper Douglas, and more new Minnesota music videos

Bionik, "Ball Like Beijing (feat. Lizzo)"

Bionik, “Ball Like Beijing (feat. Lizzo)”

Producer Bionik and the one and only Lizzo deliver all of the Cartoon Network throwbacks with the new video for “Ball Like Beijing.” The song went slept on all summer, but the video might just launch it into the spotlight.

Juniper Douglas, “Wood Rose”

This video accompanies the noteworthy first single from Juniper Douglas, a new project signed to Subaquatic Records. They’ll give their first performance ever, a combination theater/concept album piece, at the Southern Theater on October 14th. Fun fact: “Wood Rose” was produced by Minnesotans Jake Luppen (Hippo Campus) and Neil Weir (Magic Castles, The Chambermaids).

Bon Iver, “00000 Million”

This is just one of the ten lyric videos Justin Vernon and co. put out to accompany songs from Bon Iver‘s new 22, A Million. Read Andrea Swensson’s review and our number-centric observations about the album.

Annie Enneking, “Last Letter”

Local actor, musician, and teacher Annie Enneking releases her second EP, Save Yourself, at the 331 Club tonight.

Chris Bartels, “Myths And Mold (Album Teaser)”

You may know Chris Bartels from the bands Bora York and Hi-Fi Cali; now, he’s prepping to release a solo EP called Myths and Mold, the first single from which drops on October 10. Check out the teaser video above.