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Friday Five: Wilson Miles, Strange Relations, and more new Minnesota music videos

Wilson Miles, "Handle Your Business"

Wilson Miles, “Handle Your Business”

Wilson Miles — Minneapolis rapper Tony Wilson and London producer Hector Miles — get real in this lead single from their EP The Golden Handshake.

Strange Relations, “Ceremonies”

Strange Relations build international cred with this video, which is set in Buenos Aires. They connected with Argentinian filmmaker Lucila Mariani via Mariani’s DIY video for the Go! Team’s “Waking the Jetstream,” which Casey Sowa from Strange Relations featured on. A short time later, the band asked Mariani to direct “Ceremonies.” “It was extra cool to get to work with a young woman coming up in her field the same way we are,” Sowa wrote about the collaboration.

Astrobeard, “Zombie With A Shotgun”

Twang, Foo Fighters blues, and Craig Finn growl: it’s all appropriate for Astrobeard‘s apocalyptic tale “Zombie With A Shotgun.”

Loop Line, “Shadows Grow”

More Halloween goodness (or that should be evil?)! Loop Line give us “Mr. Pumpkin’s Spooky Halloween Special” in their lo-fi, seasonally felicitous video. This calls for candy corn.

Katy Vernon, “23”

Katy Vernon takes Art-A-Whirl by storm with Madonna-inspired dance moves and one of her best-written songs yet. Will she reenact this video when she plays the Aster on November 4?