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Music News: Paisley Park responds to concerns about fans touching Prince’s instruments

The Current's Jay Gabler exercises restraint when in the presence of Prince's piano at Paisley Park.

Prince fans have been expressing concerns about the fact that some VIP tour attendees at Paisley Park have been taking liberties while posing for photos with a purple piano and guitar played by Prince. In some photos, fans are seen lying on the piano, putting their feet up a la Jerry Lee Lewis, fingering the frets on the guitar, and even seeming to lick the guitar. “This shouldn’t have happened,” tweeted the venue, promising to “ensure policies in place around controlled photos in Studio B are always respected and enforced.”

This weekend’s Bob Dylan news

On Thursday, the day his Nobel Prize win was announced, Bob Dylan must have been in a celebratory mood because he took the occasion to play guitar onstage for the first time in three years. Playing a show in Las Vegas, Dylan took out his axe for “Simple Twist of Fate.” (NME)

The National Portrait Gallery is celebrating the win by dusting off one of the two Dylan portraits in their collection: a photograph from 1962, which will go on display on the museum’s first floor. (Billboard

Bon Iver announce gender equity campaign

Bon Iver have announced that on their upcoming tour, they’ll partner with local nonprofits at each stop in an effort to “end gender inequality, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.” (Pitchfork)

Rihanna joins Sir Paul at Desert Trip

On the second weekend of the Desert Trip festival, Paul McCartney was joined onstage by Rihanna for a duet performance of “FourFiveSeconds,” the hit they recorded together with Kanye West. (Pitchfork)

Marvel mash-up covers honor Nas, Missy Elliot, Dr. Dre, more

Marvel comics is continuing a series of variant comic covers inspired by the covers of well-known music albums. Among the artists whose covers inspired the latest Marvel mash-ups: Nas, Missy Elliot, Dr. Dre, and EPMD. (Pitchfork)


Morrissey vs. meat: The latest round

A Riot Fest vendor is protesting what he describes as “bullying” by Morrissey, who successfully convinced vendors not to sell meat within two hours of his performance in Chicago. That didn’t “actually change anything,” says Puffs of Doom co-owner Luke Petillon, who argues that the meat-selling pause hurt small businesses. Puffs of Doom has now added a “Pork Morrissey” sandwich to its menu — an item that is definitely not vegan. (Pitchfork)

Fly like an eagle into the future

A group called MAG-LEV Audio has launched a Kickstarter to fund what they call “the first levitating turntable.” Magnets of opposing polarity cause the MAG-LEV turntable to float in the air while it spins; the technology is similar to that used by mag-lev trains. Each backer who contributes at least $780 is promised one of the first levitating turntables to ship. (NME)