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Prince’s Paisley Park burial urn: Eden Prairie artists share details

Paisley Park (Jay Gabler/MPR)

The biggest revelation when Paisley Park opened for tours yesterday was that the studio has become Prince’s final resting place: his cremated remains reside in the venue’s atrium, in an urn that resembles a miniature Paisley Park.

Beyond the surprise and awe, visitors had questions: how was the urn designed? Who made it? Details have now emerged, via a press release from the Eden Prairie firm that created the urn in collaboration with Prince’s family.

Foreverence is an Eden-Prairie-based company that specializes in creating custom burial urns. Among their previous products: an urn for the late Bob Casale shaped like his signature Devo hat, an Ace of Spaces hat for Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, and a megaphone for Scott Weiland. Foreverence is led by Peter Saari, who’s quickly risen to national fame as 3D printer of urns for the stars.

“The artist’s sister and nephew, Tyka and President Nelson, collaborated with Foreverence artists and craftspeople on an original concept that symbolized the Prince’s home, recording studio and sanctuary,” according to the press release. It continues:

Made of ceramic and glass and measuring 19” x 18” x 14,” the urn features several distinctive elements that reflect the artist’s personality. Tyka Nelson hand‐selected seven iridescent crystals – representing the artist’s favorite number – to be part of the urn design and placed the final jewel in the piece herself. The urn opens up to reveal lighting and scale‐model details from Paisley Park, including the main atrium, Prince’s famous purple Yamaha piano and white ornamental doves.

No photography (except for VIP posed pics) is permitted on the Paisley Park tours. Photos of the urn have now been shared, via People.

  • LuxLuxLux


    • Wagnerian_thrice

      I’m happy to have it.

    • Totie Capote

      I find it fascinating. Regardless of what opinions we fans have, the decisions for all this rest with Tyka.

    • Jeff C.

      But many people want it.

      • Donna

        It’s not about ‘want’, it’s about RESPECT.

    • Sherri Patterson

      Thanks Lux Thank you, this was definitely not a need to know

    • MsKillie

      It’s interesting. The artist who created it is very well known and respected. We all die, might as well end up somewhere we love!

      • LuxLuxLux

        I think him being in Paisley is the perfect place but no way should he be part of the museum tours. He should be there without public knowing where or what his urn looks like :(

  • Le Roy

    I wish I could get back there to see inside. If you cannot attend, enjoy aerial drone footage of Paisley Park and First Avenue in this Prince Memorial video: https://youtu.be/0ZvG16AYCq4

    • carol lewis

      tyka well edited and directed prince will be missed by me too.

  • Daphne-Vickie Timmons

    “Until I find my way back home”-Prince

  • RedSatchel

    Sounds really nice, I’m glad his sister took the time to create his final resting place. Her actions had me a little nervous, in some ways they still do. May Prince continue to RIP, even though he’s in the afterworld I do hope he’s pleased with the plans being made regarding PP

  • Dana Toliver

    Beautiful and the perfect resting place for the Purple One, The Artist, The Genius, the studio was is home, a place where he found comfort and peace…

  • Rita Behrens

    I find it comforting to know Prince’s final resting place is in the empire he created, the one place he felt most comfortable. He is 4ever home in heaven, and on earth in Paisley Park. 4ever with the fans he loved so much. Good job Tyka & President…I don’t know if Prince had planned this in advance…if not, he would be so proud of your choices♡♡♡ The urn fits the genius he was…a replica of Paisley Park! Perfect! I found his presence soothing.
    I was on the 1st tour bus Oct. 6th…4th in the door. From the moment you walk in the front door, Prince’s eyes greet you, painted above the atrium entrance. It is to remind you that while you are in his home, he will be watching you. His presence was felt in every room. He often said all were welcome in his home, all he required was you take care of his home, treating it with dignity and respect. I dont believe that is a lot to ask, if you can’t comply, then don’t go there.I think that is a reasonable request when visiting anyone’s home. For those that left memories and messages on the fence for him…they are safe inside, in a special room, on the wall. Some I understand may be displayed at Mall of America for viewing.
    This is the best tour I have ever taken…if you’re the least bit interested, I highly recommend it, but remember that this IS his house…ENTER WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT! !! The staff & tour guides are very knowledgeable and friendly, answering all questions, going out of their way to make sure you get the full Prince experience. A look into his state of the art equipment! So many rooms to see, so little time. RIP Skipper! See you on the other side 0 (+>

  • Linda Anderson

    Inside Paisley Park is where he belongs. He loved that place.

  • Susan

    Tyka, that sounds so beautiful. Once again thank you for Sharing with his friends. No matter what anyone thinks you are his family, this is so tastefully done. I thank you. May God bless your family. May Prince rest peacefully.

  • Anne wilson

    I still can’t believe hes dead. I believe its a fitting tribute of princes sister to have princes remains in his final resting place….the place he loved….paisley park. His music lives on….his videos…although so sad….it is princes final legacy.he is loved and missed by everyone. Rest In peace.you lovely,funny,talented man.heaven will forever be purple!!!!!! Xxxx