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Tufawon drops “Sagepatch Kid” music video

Tufawon, "Sagepatch Kid"

We in Minnesota should spend more time outside. The weather can make that difficult — as I’m writing this, it’s cold and drizzly — but it’s good for us to ditch our skyways and living rooms, making effort to spend time under the sun.

In his music video for “Sagepatch Kid,” off 2016 EP The Homecoming, local rapper Tufawon sets a great example. He spends most of the video outside, storytelling and picking berries with his friend Renée. For him, the outdoors are essential; having spent time in Sisseton, South Dakota and Puerto Rico growing up, he has a spiritual connection with the land.

One reason for that connection is the sage that helps name the song. “I want to burn the same sage I picked when I was just a kid,” Tufawon raps, “So it can bring me guidance.” Via e-mail, he said, “Sage has always been very popular in Native American cultures, but it also has been used in other cultures globally. The most common use for burning white sage is to cleanse a space, person or group. It’s known to clear away negative energy. Part of the reason why the song has such a positive feel.”

Stay positive, get outside, and enjoy Tufawon’s ode to the outdoors.