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Dessa, Jeremy Messersmith to play get-out-the-vote concert at Aria

Jeremy Messersmith performs at MPR's Forum in 2014 (Nate Ryan/MPR)

Tomorrow, Nov. 2, Congressman Keith Ellison is hosting a Get Out the Vote Concert at Aria. The goal of the event is to emphasize the importance of the upcoming election, and to remind Minnesotans to get out and vote. Dessa, Jeremy Messersmith, Aby Wolf, Sophia Eris, and DJ Shannon Blowtorch will perform at the event, which will also feature guest speakers.

Ellison — who, as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, is up for reelection every two years — has made a biannual practice of hosting get-out-the-vote concerts. In 2014, Messersmith was joined by artists including Sims and Heiruspecs for Ellison’s party. Two years earlier, in 2012, the Ellison concert lineup included Dessa, Slug, and Brother Ali. Both of those shows were held at First Avenue.

Tickets ($12) are available at Ellison’s website.

Nicholas Trahan is a student at McNally Smith College of Music. He’s an intern at Rhymesayers Entertainment and an administrative assistant for Toki Wright’s Soul Tools Entertainment.