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Minnesota musicians’ message: Vote!

DJ Jake Rudh (via Instagram) shows off his 'I Voted' sticker

It’s official: election day is upon us. Check out how some local musicians are fulfilling their civic duty and encouraging you to do the same.

Jeremy Messersmith

It is finished.

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Haaaay, Minneapolis. The wait at the downtown government center was like 90 seconds. #vote

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Haley Bonar

Well, glad to get this out of the way

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Davina and The Vagabonds

Go get your vote on.

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Har Mar Superstar

Dan Wilson

Chastity Brown

Bruise Violet

Kate Murray

โœ”๏ธ Me and this melon I'm smuggling did our civic duty.

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Toki Wright

Kyle Werstein (Fury Things)


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Devon Bryant (Fury Things)

I done a vote. #vote

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Mina Moore

Grab our song of the day, Mina Moore’s “Mori,” here โ€” and go vote!

Hanna Bubser is a student at Hamline University.