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Music News: Artists react to Donald Trump election victory

Trump Tower on Nov. 9 (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

The surprise victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential election is all the world was able to talk about on Wednesday — musicians included.

Many prominent musicians favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and reactions from those artists were swift, sad, and angry. Lady Gaga stood in protest outside Trump Tower in the early morning hours, holding a sign reading “Love Trumps Hate.”

Madonna shared a video of herself performing the Pete Seeger song “If I Had a Hammer” at a Clinton rally, urging fans not to lose hope.

Clinton supporter Katy Perry joined a Twitter “blackout,” changing her photo to a black square. Moby shared an open letter to America, enumerating his fears about a Trump presidency. Killer Mike, a supporter of neither major party candidate, expressed a view that the election turned the way it did because “poor people got angry,” and his group Run the Jewels released a song about fear and loveBlack Lips wrote and recorded “an anarchy style punk song” in response to the election result.

Other artists decrying Trump’s victory included Janelle MonaéNeon Indian (“this feels like the end of an American dream”), MitskiLil BDisclosureLupe FiascoAaron DessnerMacklemoreChuck D., Mykki BlancoChance the Rapper, and QuestloveBethany Cosentino of Best Coast set up an e-mail address for people to use if they feel “feel scared, discouraged, unsafe,” promising she would do her best to help.

Some musicians cheered Trump’s victory. Among them: Azealia Banks, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent. Pharmaceutics executive Martin Shkreli kept a promise to share Once Upon a Time in Shaolin — the edition-of-one Wu-Tang Clan album he bought for $2 million — in the event of a Trump win.

At an election night show in Denver, before the results were known, Courtney Barnett covered a song that echoed many Americans’ plans: “Drunk on Election Night” by Dan Kelly & the Alpha Males.

Orlando to purchase Pulse for memorial

In other news, the City of Orlando has announced plans to buy the Pulse nightclub, site of a June mass shooting. The city will “transform the venue into a memorial to the 49 people killed in the massacre,” reports Rolling Stone.

Congrats to Régine

Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Concordia University — no, not the one in St. Paul, the one in Montreal. The degree recognizes Chassagne’s “commitment to Haiti and her impact on the international music scene.” (Pitchfork)