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Paisley Park Kitchen unveils Prince-inspired menu

Minestrone soup, Minnesota grilled cheese, coconut curry with black rice and chickpeas and cowgirl mini cookies at Paisley Park Kitchen in Chanhassen, Minn. on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 (Evan Frost/MPR)

Over three years ago, Peoples Organic owners Juell and Ray Roberts got a huge surprise. As they ran their several restaurants and raised their two kids, Prince’s team asked, would they interested in taking on an extra client?

Fast-forward through deliberation, stages (the cook’s version of auditions), and interviews, and the Roberts family had a new gig. They cooked for Prince for years, finding out his likes and dislikes as they slowly got to know the superstar. “He was a breath of fresh air,” they told City Pages’s Mecca Bos shortly after Prince’s death.

Of all the treasures on display at last week’s Paisley Park media tour, one particular gem could be found outside Prince’s home in a white merch/lobby tent: a menu. It lists about a dozen of Prince’s favorite foods, including coconut curry, minestrone soup, and tropical smoothies, and each dish gets a description or anecdote about when Prince enjoyed the food. Of course, it shares, “Prince loved pancakes at any hour of the day.”

No official restaurant has been announced for Paisley tourists, but the fact that the menu lists prices indicates a future beyond the media tour.

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