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A holiday gift guide for Minnesota music fans

l-r: Local Show host Andrea Swensson, digital producer Jay Gabler, and The Current's music director David Safar. (Leah Garaas/MPR)

The Lyrics: 1961-2012 by Bob Dylan


Just because Bob Dylan didn’t celebrate his Nobel Prize in Literature win, doesn’t mean you can’t. The Lyrics not only showcases classics like Dylan’s 1960s canon and later works like Blood on the Tracks, but continues to record his most recent writings right up through Tempest. Bonus: The Lyrics also includes many of the north country bard’s never-before-seen edits on dozens of the songs that immortalized his voice. Read Jay Gabler’s review, and grab a copy here.

Jayhawks knit hat


Stay fashionable and warm your ears this winter with some help from the Jayhawks. This knit cap comes in Minnesota-centric color schemes of purple-and-gold and maroon-and-gold. Newly available on the band’s website.

Rhymesayers Entertainment tree ornament


Do your friends like trees? Decorate trees of all denominations with this Rhymesayers ornament. Features a “Happy Holidays” message with a “To” and “From” on the back so you can address them right to your favorite hip-hop fans. Check it out at the Fifth Element online store.

Prince Love Symbol necklace in gift bag


Memorialize Prince with the symbol that replaced his name from 1993 to 2000 and is still synonymous with his work. The pendant comes in a drawstring bag with the Paisley Park logo. Keep the Purple One close to your heart. Find it at the Paisley Park store — and if you really want to treat your favorite Prince fan, you can spring for an authorized replica of his Purple Rain guitar.

Atmosphere Fishing Blues magnetic poetry


Celebrate Atmosphere’s latest release with this Magnetic Poetry set. Slug would be proud! Recreate up to a dozen specific lines from Fishing Blues on the fridge or come up with something new. Available at the Fifth Element online shop. (Magnetic Poetry itself, FYI, is a Minneapolis invention.)

GRRRL Snapback


Many Twin Cities audiences were dismayed to see GRRRL Party — Lizzo, Manchita, Sophia Eris, and DJ Shannon Blowtorch — split up this summer to devote their time to other projects. Memorialize the group with Eris-designed GRRRL snapbacks and beanies. These can also be custom embroidered for your favorite GRRRL.

Trampled by Turtles holiday sweatshirt


For those who like holiday-themed merch, Trampled by Turtles have just what the doctor ordered. This holiday sweatshirt comes in a festive forest green color scheme and is the perfect thing to put on while you bundle up and listen to some bluegrass. Check it out at the District Lines shop.

 22, A Million embroidered nylon/satin jacket


It’s unlikely that anyone you know can sing like Justin Vernon, but you can show your love for this year’s 22, A Million with this fashionable jacket. The perfect gift for any fan in a colder climate. Order it here.

Can You Canoe? & Other Adventure Songs picture book and compilation CD


Get one for the young people! Grammy favorites the Okee Dokee Brothers have garnered a national following for their family-friendly work. Celebrate their success with this compilation and picture book, available here.

Doomtree mystery grab bag


Do you like surprises? Do you not know what to get your friends? Doomtree understands. This mystery box includes at least one t-shirt – you get to pick the size, but nothing else – three CDs, and what are only described as “random Doomtree odds and ends.” Satisfy your curiosity and get a set here.

Ibad Jafri studies International Relations and Cinema & Media Studies at Carleton College. His birthday falls on Boxing Day.