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Friday Five: Kielo, The Awful Truth, and more new Minnesota music videos

Kielo, "In Water"

Kielo, “In Water”

Laura Schultz, vocalist/guitarist from Mankato indie rock band Good Night Gold Dust, is stepping out on her own with solo project Kielo. This first look at her new project — the single produced by Zach Arney and mastered by Huntley Miller, and the video produced by Colin Scharf with art direction by Katie O’Connor — starts out delicate, but Schultz’s gorgeous voice quickly brings it to a boil.

What’s in Kielo’s name? According to her GNGD bandmate Colin Scharf, “‘Kielo’ is the Finnish word for Lily of the valley, which was Laura’s grandmother’s favorite flower.”

Check back for news on her first EP, which she’ll release in January.

The Awful Truth, “Know You By Name”

“If there is one aspect of [Brent] Colbert’s work that most closely overlaps with artists like Angel Olsen, it’s a preference toward purposefully imperfect moments and a recording quality that sounds lo-fi despite its moments of clarity,” Andrea Swensson wrote about the Awful Truth in 2014. Two and a half years later, the band keeps with that aesthetic, and it sounds great. Look for their next album, Glisten, from the Homestead Records on Jan. 6.

Maple & Beech, “Flashes & Floaters”

Tyler Tholl is slowly but surely taking over Friday Five. Today, catch him and Pete James Johnson — collectively known as Maple & Beech — in this black-and-white video shot at Humans Win! studio by Evan Beaumont. If you like what you see, head to the Amsterdam Bar on New Year’s Eve.

Heatwave & Landman – Cold Winds Will Blow

Heatwave & Landman continue the black and white trend. They’ll celebrate their first album, Introducing… Heatwave & Landman, at the Hook and Ladder on Jan. 20.

Caroline Smith, “Trying Not To Love You”

Caroline Smith‘s new video is only available on Tidal, but these thirty seconds might just tide you over: