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Heiruspecs sizzle with “theskyisfalling” at the Palace Theatre

Felix of Heiruspecs

If St. Paul greats are what you’re seeking, you’ve come to the right place. The storied Palace Theatre is set for an open house this Friday from 11:30-1:30 p.m. — complete with a mayoral welcome and a surprise musical guest — and local rap cornerstones Heiruspecs are celebrating a new EP called theskyisfalling as well as their 20-year bandiversary. Why not link the two legends in the latest Palace Theatre session?

In this video, Heiruspecs (rappers Felix and Muad’dib, keyboardist dVRG, bassist Twinkie Jiggles [89.3 The Current host Sean McPherson], drummer Peter Leggett, and gutarist Josh Peterson) perform the title track off theskyisfalling, sizzling and smooth as ever. Muad’dib braves an image-stacked whirlwind of a verse while the band holds it down behind him; the cameras play with focus as the music stays ever-crisp. Check out the Palace’s progress while you listen to Heiruspecs’ newest.