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Friday Five: Sarah White, Sims, and more new Minnesota music videos

Sarah White, "Sweet Song"

Sarah White, “Sweet Song”

“We were a sweet song,” Sarah White remembers in this gorgeous rendering of Laughing at Ghosts heartbreak. Directed by Jovante Williams, the music video pulls viewers back into a tender relationship she and a partner once shared. Opaque drums like Give You The Ghost-era Poliça contrast with clean, bright light; deM atlaS, who’s been rather prolific with music videos of his own, co-stars.


Sims, “What They Don’t Know”

Welcome to one of the most absurd group hangouts in Minnesota music. P.O.S, Dwynell Roland, Har Mar Superstar, Prof, Ashley Gold (Holidae), DJ Fundo, Slug (Atmosphere), RP Hooks, Sean Anonymous, Aby Wolf, and ECID compose a troublemaking squad in Sims‘s newest video, which accompanies “What They Don’t Know” from his album More Than Ever. Tonight, he throws a release show in the First Avenue Mainroom; which surprise guests can we expect on the stage?

Nazeem & Spencer Joles, “Intro”

Speaking of tonight’s First Avenue show: Nazeem & Spencer Joles will open for Sims in the Mainroom (along with WebsterX and Air Credits). Here, though, they cook and lay back with friends, rapping one of the most popular songs from their 2016 project The Album. Just like The Album‘s cover art, “Intro” highlights favorite hangout spots around the Twin Cities.

Sister Species, “Star”

Abby and Emily Kastrul present Sister Species, a robust folk band featuring Jake Baldwin (Har Mar Superstar, McNasty Brass Band), Ryan Hays (Matra), Lars Johnson (McNasty Brass Band), Sten Johnson (McNasty Brass Band, New Sound Underground), and Noah Ophoven-Baldwin (Percheron, Six Families, Drone Band). Come for the aesthetic, stay for the horns in this LoonarCity-created video.

The Peace Life, “Bubba’s Pie Blues”

Indie rock band The Peace Life offer trippy visuals for this track from Jupiter Beach. Tebo La Roza of Argentina created the video.