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Friday Five: Tyte Jeff, P.O.S, and more new Minnesota music videos

Tyte Jeff, "1952"

Tyte Jeff, “1952”

Who is the giant figure hulking around Minneapolis, and why isn’t Tyte Jeff frontperson Jeff Allen running away from it instead of striding through alleys? The song title “1952” is a hint. The band bring what looks like the Flatwoods monster to downtown in a video conceived and directed by Paul Danhauser. Tyte Jeff (Jeff Allen, Jeff Marcovis, Matt Johnson, and Aaron Ripplinger) are about to follow up their self-titled EP with a brand-new album called Lutheran Teens; hopefully, monsters steer clear of the Entry at the release show on Jan. 21.

P.O.S, “Lanes”

“I made this beat with a bass guitar and a drum machine,” P.O.S. told HipHopDX about “Lanes,” the lead single off his album-to-come, Chill, dummy. “It’s a waltz. It’s about freaking out and trying to stay untouchable — and love.” The video, directed by Mercies May, is an emotional freak-out, to be sure, pivoting on a face-to-gas mask encounter with love interest Kiana Elohn.

The Awful Truth, “Glisten”

The Awful Truth get glittered in extreme close-up during “Glisten,” a lazy tune from the new album of the same name.

Reed Grimm, “Walk In Love (Live)”

Reed Grimm performs live at the Garage, an all-ages, non-profit venue in Burnsville, Minn.

CHVNSV, “Shadows”

Nate P. shot and edited this video from CHVNSV (pronounced chan-sa), a hip-hop artist from Minneapolis. The Duluth scenery is a gorgeous counterpart to the music.