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February 16, 2017

Hook & Ladder to host Slimabration: A celebration of Slim Dunlap

It’s been almost five years since Slim Dunlap suffered a serious stroke. Dunlap is a Minnesota-based guitarist and singer-songwriter, well-known as a member of the Replacements; since his stroke in 2012, he and his family have incurred significant medical expenses. There have been several projects and fundraisers to help Dunlap and his family, including the Songs for […]

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‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ rewriters Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski talk demos, fine art, and what it was like to go viral

“I still feel tired,” Lydia Liza declares, pulling in her chair. We’re at a Northeast Minneapolis coffee shop with Josiah Lemanski — her partner in the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” remake that went viral last December — and it’s early enough that all of us are rubbing our eyes. But Liza isn’t talking about right […]

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Lady Midnight pays tribute to Lady Day

This February, The Current is celebrating Black History Month by celebrating four artists chosen by our listeners. We’ll be playing their music on the radio and sharing features online. This week, we’re featuring Billie Holiday. I learned of heartbreak when I was 13 listening to the voice of Billie Holiday. Jazz was a genre I was becoming […]

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