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Friday Five: Jessica Manning, Grant Cutler, and more new Minnesota music videos

Jessica Manning, "Homestead"

Jessica Manning, “Homestead”

Jessica Manning‘s first music video, “Homestead,” sounds lush and inviting, even as it plays with chilly desaturated purples. Directed and edited by Cherith Simmons, the video certainly deserves a watch; also, keep an eye out for Manning’s What If I Run release show at Icehouse on Feb. 11.

Grant Cutler, “Georgia”

Grant Cutler (tiny deaths, Lookbook) enlisted Mike Lewis, Aby Wolf, Jef Sundquist, and many more for his new project Self Portrait, which features each musician improvising to delayed recordings of themselves. “We tend to think of the past as what happened, the present as what’s happening right now and the future as what’s to come, but the truth is that we are constantly engaged in the work of refashioning and recontextualizing the past,” says the American Composer’s Forum. Cutler actively engages this process in Self Portrait, which is out today.

Lizzo, “Scuse Me”

Lizzo is both a congregant and a goddess in “Scuse Me” from Coconut Oil, directed by Quinn Wilson and Asha Maura.

Daniel Choma, “Emma Goldman”

“‘Emma Goldman,'” Daniel Choma (EmotToni Wolff’s Dream Wedding) says, “deals with that feeling you get when you really want to do something to affect change in your own life and the life around you but you just. feel. stuck.” He named his song after a woman who recoiled from being stuck, turning to anarchy and radical feminism in her struggle against inequality. Choma’s full album, East Side to Silver City, comes out on cassette on Feb. 10, and he’ll play a release show that night at Humble Cup Coffee.

Andy Cook, “Blue Light”

Torey Hanson and Jeremy Ylvisaker made this video for Andy Cook‘s psych-Americana tune “Blue Light.” Cook writes, “It is essentially a visual art piece using light, projection, glass/oil/dyes/water, and a person in a robot mask.” It’s ever-changing, and it serves as a nice teaser for his Feb. 9 Turf Club release show.