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Paisley Park to screen 1993 Prince concert; and, as of April, to cease hosting Friday night festivities

Paisley Park has announced tomorrow’s film screening, and has also announced that the Friday night Paisley Park After Dark events are ending as of April: events will only be held on Saturday nights, alternating between DJ nights and film screenings. Until now and, Fridays have featured weekly dance parties and Saturdays have featured film screenings. That pattern will continue through March.

Tomorrow’s film screening at Paisley Park features footage from April 3, 1993, when Prince performed at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Mich. This concert, which was a part of Prince’s Love Symbol Tour: Act I, will screen from 9-11 p.m.

Love Symbol Tour: Act I took place in North America, and Act II toured Europe. Act I ran from March 8 to April 17, 1993. The tour focused on songs from Prince’s Love Symbol album, as well some more rare B-side songs like “She’s Always in My Hair.” This was Prince’s final tour before changing his stage name to the now-famous, unpronounceable symbol.

The New Power Generation joined Prince on this tour, and sometimes played a few songs of their own. The tour focused on venues that were of a medium size: the average capacity was for between 4,000 and 6,000 people. This was a purposeful move on Prince’s part. He wanted to play to sold-out crowds, not wanting to take any risks with his first proper U.S. tour in years.

Tickets for the screening are $60, including a museum tour. Tonight, there is a dance party with DJ Fundraiser. Future film screenings are yet to be announced, but the next several weeks’ worth of DJs have been determined.

DJ Deisel on March 3
DJ Lenka on March 10
DJ Holtz on March 17
DJ Fundraiser on March 24
DJ Deisel on March 31

In other Paisley Park news today, the venue started selling replicas of Prince’s “Tamboracca” — and it emerged that a private corporate event was hosted there this week.


Prince setlist: April 3, 1993, Fox Theater, Detroit

via Setlist.fm

My Name Is Prince
Sexy M.F.
Love 2 the 9’s
Damn U
The Max
The Morning Papers
Blue Light
The Continental
Everybody Get on Up (Carmen Electra cover)
The Flow
Johnny (The New Power Generation cover)
And God Created Woman
3 Chains o’ Gold
Let’s Go Crazy
Irresistible Bitch
She’s Always in My Hair
When You Were Mine
Gett Off
Goldn—a (The New Power Generation)
Purple Rain
Black M.F. in the House (The New Power Generation)
Baby I’m a Star

Hanna Bubser is a student at Hamline University.

  • Rebecca Breen Paynter

    I think Princes heirs are taking advantage of his death
    It’s become a joke. Prince 2 would be apaulled at what is happening.

    • Rose Hardy

      Absolutely, he would be Disgusted! The Greedy New Multi Millionaires will never get their fill of Stealing from Princes Faithful & Loving Fans. If you dont live in MN, you never have time to make it to any of the P.P. events. To make the journey to Prince’s Home, between money for gas, motel & food, then everything at Paisley Park will cost you a Small Fortune! Prince would never have treated us this way and I almost hope they find Prince’s will and all of his Heirs Get NOTHING😜😜😜

      • Rose Hardy

        Love My Sweet Beautiful Prince Eternally❤

    • Alex Carrasco-Cabrera

      Rebecca, I have been struggling
      with this as well. He was an extremely private person. I’m curious if you have seen the tour. I just saw it last week and it was very cool to see where he lived. When going into Studio B it was actually as if you could feel his presence. One thing I found interesting was the way he laid out his Awards and the timeline of all is albums on the wall. It was as if he knew one day he wanted to make it a museum. I wish he would have left his will
      with what he wanted done with his music. He was an extraordinary artist. Although he may not have made the music in the vault for the world, there is a part of me that wants to hear it and wants it shared.

      • Lisa Poissenot

        I have read some interviews that he said he wanted to turn it into a museum

      • Rebecca Breen Paynter

        I completely agree with you Alex from a selfish point of view. I have not been to PP. It was on my bucket list but I missed my chance. I don’t think I could go now. Maybe in a way, if I don’t go I can think of him as still being there. I did read where Prince was getting PP ready to be a museum one day, so that part I am sure of but there are too many unanswered questions about his health, his death, his wishes, etc. There were quite a few odd things going on. I feel there is a much bigger story there. We may never know but I do think Prince would be very upset about the way his “fans” are being taken advantage of. He was never like that in life and I’m sure he would not want this now.

  • Rik

    Tyka and her husband had him killed and now are cashing in on him….Papers filled in Carver county have proof, Prince told close friends he believed he was in trouble and feared for his life.
    We are working for Prince now posthumously because his voice was silenced and he needs the truth to come out….

  • Alwaysbe Mature

    You have to think about what some of the comments here….it is like prince being exploited after his death. So many of his private recordings and projects have been made public. Only MJ @ Prince have had family members cash in on his death so voraciously….Not George Micheal,Bowie,Luther Vandross,Whitney…Prince had to have spoken with someone about his last wishes? RIP Prince…. may we all live to see the dawn

    • Fannie Dixon

      You got that right.,.may we all live to see the dawn🙏🏼🌩🌈☔️

  • laytonian

    This is not Prince’s family doing this! They control nothing; they haven’t even been named as heirs yet.
    The estate has millions of dollars in taxes to pay. Paisley Park needs to fund itself. Prince rented it out for events there, too.
    There is only one person to blame for this mess: The person who didn’t create trusts and write a Will.
    If you want to see Paisley demolished and everything sold off, keep complaining.



  • Kristen Green

    I known that Prince was a private person who did not like any media in his private life. So for this to come out now. It has something to do with Prince’s so-call family members. The reasons why I believe that Tyka Nelson and the other 5 half siblings if that is true. Because what I have heard and read over the past months. These 5 half siblings have no blood relations to Prince. So, none of the 5 wannabe should have any say so over Prince’s estate at all. I know for a fact that both Tyka Nelson and Omarr Baker were complaining that Bremer and Trust was stealing money out the family tribute that Bremer and Trust had done for Prince and not these so-call family members who did not know anything about Prince. These are the same greedy money hogs, leeches, bum bitches, weasels, assholes had the Judge Kevin Eide to execute Bremer and Trust from being the overseers of Prince’s estate and have this Co-America to take the estate of Prince so these scumbags can get free money in their pockets and up their noses. Yeah, I said it. Some of them are supposedly be recovering drug addicts. YEAH RIGHT! Recovery my ass! Once a drug addict always a drug addict. Once a prostitute Tyka Nelson. Well it’s in your blood and you can not fool me. I despise majority of Prince’s so-call family. I hope that Judge Kevin Eide gets his head on straight and decide that none of these bastards deserve and money and give it to the needy and not the greedy ass motherfuckers who does not need a dam thing! FYI: All the charities that Prince do over the years should get Prince’s fortune. It’s a worthy cause!

  • Fannie Dixon

    I don’t know what to say all I know I’m still hurting from his death,yes prince was a private person and I don’t understand why he didn’t leave a will,prince worked so hard toward his creativity to be mussed over I hope his spirit reemerge and straighten things out……Lord be with Prince legacy🎸☔️💜🎶🌹🕊🕊🕊

  • Deborah Heltzer

    Dj Deizel…??