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Friday Five: J. Plaza with Nazeem & Spencer Joles, Graveyard Club, and more new Minnesota music videos

J. Plaza with Nazeem & Spencer Joles, “Surprise MF’er”

Both J. Plaza and Nazeem & Spencer Joles made the Soundset line-up this year. To celebrate, they dropped a hard-hitting yet graceful new song. All three MCs deliver top-of-the-line verses; all three get directing credits; Liban Mahamoud shot the video, and Topper Atwood produced the song.

Graveyard Club, “Cellar Door”

Join Graveyard Club for their spooky, disorienting new “Cellar Door” video. Tonight, the Club meets at the Turf with Lydia Liza, Pornonono, and Monica LaPlante.

The New Pornographers, “High Ticket Attraction”

“The New Pornographers aren’t local musicians,” you may say. But wait: Minneapolitan Dan Huiting, who assisted in the making of Graveyard Club’s above video, directed this one. TJ Schwingle, who directed “Cellar Door,” is this video’s cinematographer. Joining a host of other talented filmmakers, they turn a high school into a disaster zone.

Guante & Katrah-Quey feat. Jayanthi Kyle, “Our Relationship is a Slowly Gentrifying Neighborhood”

Guante and family know their metaphors. In this song, Jayanthi Kyle (Gospel Machine) laments “the deeply personal loss of something that used to mean something,” watching her whole world get stripped away.

Kaleidoscope Effect – January (Acoustic)

Jordan Goldberger (vocals/guitar), Zack Sieger (guitar), Jessie Erickson (vocals), Sam Vanorny (bass), and Corey Fitzgerald (drums) debut “January” from their upcoming album The Old Brand New. Watch for more from Kaleidoscope Effect in the coming months, and check out their new material at Reverie on March 15.