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Music News: Jack Antonoff to live-score ‘The Breakfast Club’

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He’s probably a brain, right?

Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers and fun.) will premiere a live score for The Breakfast Club in Los Angeles on April 1. Why Shermer High School? “I grew up in suburban New Jersey in a similar state of strange boredom as The Breakfast Club,” he said. “I constantly thought about getting out, and that feeling is so present in this film.” In recent days, Antonoff has come up in conversation for producing Lorde‘s single “Green Light.” (L.A. Times)

Another Prince backing band to go on tour

They haven’t announced many dates yet, but the New Power Generation are going on tour with André Cymone. The line-up will feature Cymone, Tommy Barbarella, Sonny Thompson, Morris Hayes (keyboards), Kip Blackshire (vocals), Marva King (vocals), Levi Seacer Jr (guitar), Kirk Johnson (drums), Tony Mosley (guitar, vocals), and Damon Dickson (dancer, vocals). Their first stop is Celebration 2017 at Paisley Park. (The Current)

South By surprise

You know how Beyoncé (and Wilco, Frank Ocean, etc.) popularized the surprise album drop? Lana del Rey might make surprise concert announcements the next big thing. Del Rey performs at Apple Music’s SXSW space today in a show that just went public. (Pitchfork)

Trump’s new budget would cut arts, humanities, public radio

The president’s proposed budget plan would annihilate the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities; plus, it’d cut Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding to zero. It would beef up defense spending. (NPR)

Coachella suing Urban Outfitters

Free People, an Urban Outfitters brand, has released merchandise called the “Coachella Boot,” “Coachella Mini Dress,” “Coachella Pocket Tank” and “Coachella Valley Tunic.” Uncool, says festival behemoth Coachella — they’ve had the word trademarked since 1999. That said, it’s also the name of a California town, which will probably be the justification defense counsel use. (Billboard)