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Twin Peaks at SXSW: Music and TV fans meet on Rainey Street

Holly Macve at the Twin Peaks Lodge, SXSW (Jay Gabler/MPR)

Mysterious music has always been integral to the strange appeal of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Composer Angelo Badalamenti and vocalist Julee Cruise were as critical to establishing the tone of the 1990-91 TV series as was the Pacific Northwest setting and the actors’ deadpan delivery. It made sense, then, that Showtime would aim to make a splash at SXSW in advance of the show’s much-hyped return on May 21.

The network has taken over Clive Bar on Rainey Street with a special installation called the Twin Peaks Lodge at the Showtime House. The Twin Peaks experience starts outside the fence, with a pop-up RR Diner serving free cherry pies and cans of High Brew Coffee.

For those who RSVP or flash SXSW credentials — and wait in a line that was already long by 2 p.m. today (the second day the house was open) — further treats wait inside. There are Voodoo Doughnuts (a local Austin chain) in three flavors, as well as specialty cocktails including a boozy “Damn Good Coffee,” a drink named after Kyle MacLachlan’s most famous line from the series.

VIP entrants have access to the inner bar “lodge” area with eerie details including log pillows (shout-out to the Log Lady), copious taxidermy, and a live goldfish in an (unplugged) glass coffee carafe.

All entrants are able to take in a live music stage (decorated like Agent Cooper’s dreams) with a two-day lineup of artists who have all been personally approved by Lynch. Last night, MacLachlan himself showed up to introduce Real Estate; today’s lineup started with an atmospheric set by Holly Macve and will continue to artists including Neko Case and M. Ward. Unfortunately Minnesota’s Cactus Blossoms aren’t in the mix at SXSW, but they will be in the show.

For a look inside the Twin Peaks Lodge through the eyes of a pair of Snapchat Spectacles I was wearing, add thecurrentsnaps on Snapchat — but hurry! The story will disappear into the forest (that is, internet oblivion) by tomorrow night.

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