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April 14, 2017

Har Mar Superstar sings new ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ theme (and makes a cameo)

Today, Netflix released the much-anticipated Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot season, with Jonah Ray stepping in as the unsuspecting Gizmonics Insitute employee who’s captured and forced to watch cheesy movies against his will. Original host and creator Joel Hodgson is executive-producing the crowdfunded revival of the cult-classic show, which premiered on the station then known as KTMA in […]

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Poliça’s new double single flirts with techno

“Digitally, we’ve tried to mimic the album for years,” Drew Christopherson told me in an interview leading up to Poliça’s fifth anniversary. We’d been discussing music discovery, saying that we rarely dove into full LPs anymore because it was so easy to stream the next single. “I think people have now [decided], ‘Why? What’s the […]

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Friday Five: Molly Kate Kestner, Christopher Michael Jensen, and more new Minnesota music videos

Molly Kate Kestner, “Prom Queen” Since she moved to L.A. from Minnesota, 21-year-old Molly Kate Kestner has been writing music with the likes of Kelly Clarkson. It shows in “Prom Queen,” a mighty, brooding pop song. For a triple dose of teen girl glamour politics, watch “Prom Queen” next to HALEY’s “Kismet Kill” and Marina and the Diamonds’ “Teen Idle.” Christopher […]

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