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April 18, 2017

Prince estate and Paisley Park sue engineer over planned music release

On Tuesday night, media lit up with the news that a six-track EP of previously unreleased Prince material would be released on Friday, the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death. It immediately became apparent, though, that the release was not authorized by Prince’s estate. In fact, KSTP reports the estate is joining with Paisley Park Enterprises to […]

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Prince’s B-side strategy

We all know Purple Rain is godhead, right? And yet, I’d argue that the two best Prince songs of 1984 aren’t even on it. Instead, they were released on the B-sides of that album’s pair of number one hits. In fact, the first released, on the flip side of “When Doves Cry,” the lustrous “17 […]

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The Textile Center’s latest exhibition is cut from a Princely cloth

Prince fans are traveling from far and wide this week to commemorate the anniversary of their loved one’s death. Many will attend Celebration at Paisley Park; more will explore Prince’s hometown, Chanhassen; droves will party at First Avenue. Some travelers will visit a place unknown to many locals, a so-called hidden gem of Minneapolis: the Textile Center, which is currently presenting a Prince-centric […]

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