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Friday Five: Chastity Brown, Tabah, and more new Minnesota music videos

Chastity Brown, "Carried Away"

Chastity Brown, “Carried Away”

Rock/soul artist Chastity Brown lets fans into the recording process via video — and into her life via lyrics. Read more at Afropunk.

Tabah, “Lucid State”

In Tabah‘s latest video, directed by Kellen Witschen, a man incites an emotional purge. Tabah play Reverie tonight at 8:30 p.m.

26 BATS!, “Touch Mai Face”

Both the music and the visuals in “Touch Mai Face” are deeply compelling, thanks to director Michaela Stein, star Destiny Anderson, and of course, 26 BATS!. The band will release their album Cave Cuts at Icehouse on April 25.

High School for Recording Arts, “Sunshine”

Inside the High School for Recording Arts in St. Paul, Dan Frey’s English class might blow your mind. For one assignment, instead of asking for papers, he tasks students with writing and recording a music video. Here’s one such project, a hip-hop song produced by Kashta French, Sean Haskin, and Riccardo Box on Minneapolis’s Stone Arch Bridge.

Maple & Beech, “Sugar Bugs”

As Maple & Beech ramp up for their first album release, they’re back with another of the danceable, somewhat silly music videos they’ve become known for. RUNDAWDAW, which will contain “Sugar Bugs,” “Cavers,” and eight other songs, drops on April 21.