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Friday Five: Molly Kate Kestner, Christopher Michael Jensen, and more new Minnesota music videos

Molly Kate Kestner, "Prom Queen"

Molly Kate Kestner, “Prom Queen”

Since she moved to L.A. from Minnesota, 21-year-old Molly Kate Kestner has been writing music with the likes of Kelly Clarkson. It shows in “Prom Queen,” a mighty, brooding pop song. For a triple dose of teen girl glamour politics, watch “Prom Queen” next to HALEY’s “Kismet Kill” and Marina and the Diamonds’ “Teen Idle.”

Christopher Michael Jensen, “Silence Into Sound”

Rapper Christopher Michael Jensen will release his album A New Age at Honey on April 26. Listen for the title in this song, a collection of clever lines over a Blamsiss beat.

MR DR, “You Got Me, I Got You”

Country rock duo MR DR spin a cute story in “You Got Me, I Got You.” It’s off their EP-to-come, Summer in the Backseat, which will drop April 21 at Palmer’s Bar.

Gin Street, “High Life”

“Share if you really like television static,” Quentin Stille encouraged his Facebook friends while posting the video he made for his favorite band. Also feel free to share if you like Gin Street, the young band out of Duluth.

Jordan Goldberger, “Everything Is Magical” (jeremy messersmith cover)

Jordan Goldberger, of Kaleidoscope Effect, joins the Obscenely Optimistic ranks inspired by jeremy messersmith.