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Har Mar Superstar sings new ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ theme (and makes a cameo)

Today, Netflix released the much-anticipated Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot season, with Jonah Ray stepping in as the unsuspecting Gizmonics Insitute employee who’s captured and forced to watch cheesy movies against his will.

Original host and creator Joel Hodgson is executive-producing the crowdfunded revival of the cult-classic show, which premiered on the station then known as KTMA in Minneapolis in 1988 and later moved to Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel, ending its original run in 1999. Minnesota fans watched with delight as the show found a national audience (and even spawned a theatrical movie in 1996), and relished hearing the show’s cast drop repeated references to local landmarks.

Though the new season features a national cast of comedians and guest stars, it’s apt that Hodgson and his new crew reached into the Minnesota music scene to find the perfect singer to deliver a new rendition of the show’s iconic theme song, “Love Theme from Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Originally co-written by Hodgson and J. Elvis Weinstein, the song sets each episode up by recapping the host’s origin story. The premise of the new season is that hapless Jonah has been kidnapped by a mad scientist on the dark side of the Moon; as Jonah wanders into her clutches, we see none other than Har Mar Superstar singing the song with an extraterrestrial band. Har Mar really brings the soul as he swings into the final “Mystery Science Theater…three thouuusannnnnd!”

Har Mar Superstar MST3K