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Photos: Prince’s Toronto house reportedly goes up for sale at $13 million

All photos via Forest Hills Real Estate

A Toronto house owned by Prince from 2001 to 2006 is reportedly up for sale, at an asking price of $13,186,500. “This sensational bungalow offers a dramatic floor plan and a majestic ambience for entertaining on a global level,” gushes a real estate listing. Though the listing specifies only an “acclaimed international music celebrity” as a former owner of the residence, interior photos reveal a distinctly purple (literally and otherwise) vibe.

Prince owned and occupied the house during his marriage to Manuela Testolini. The house went up for sale again in 2014 at $9.4 million, but an unverified TMZ report — the source of the new price figure — says that the seller pulled the house off the market after Prince’s death so as not to be seen as capitalizing on the tragedy. Publications including Billboard are seeking to confirm the renewed availability of the property.

Testolini was from Toronto, and Prince had other Toronto connections: his protege Vanity was from the area, as is his 3RDEYEGIRL bandmate Donna Grantis. Prince played two solo shows, among his last performances, in Toronto in March 2016. A highlight of those shows was a cover of “Heroes,” in honor of the recently-deceased David Bowie. Prince even attended Raptors games during his time in Canada. “I love Toronto,” he said at the time. “It’s a real melting pot in every sense of the word.”

Portions of the album Musicology were recorded in the Toronto area, and Prince was pictured against the Toronto skyline on that album’s back cover. As a sharp-eared commenter (below) noticed, the Toronto house itself actually gets a shout-out in the Musicology song “Call My Name.”

Whether or not the Toronto house is actually back on the market, it’s worth taking a look at the photos shared by Forest Hill Real Estate in 2014, along with a corresponding aerial tour video showing just how luxurious Prince’s Canadian pad was.

  • TBC

    i dont feel sprit of Prince there

  • Anthony Lewis

    He actually mentions the house in a song lyric. In “Call My Name”, he say “until the day I carried you through the Bridle Path door”. I thought he meant “bridal path” until after he passed, and news of this house arose.