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‘Purple Rain’ Deluxe Edition tracklist revealed – including never-before-heard recordings

With the release date of the Purple Rain deluxe reissue approaching, an artist who records as the Violet Reality realized that the album’s tracks might be found in a database of registered recordings. Indeed they were, and the reissue’s tracklist has been making its way across fan sites like Prince.org.

We’ve been able to obtain additional information on some of these tracks by way of a knowledgable source — and many of these bonus tracks are even more rare than some fans may suspect. Several tracks have never before been circulated outside of Prince’s studio, and some weren’t even known to exist before they were discovered in the Vault.

The tracks have been carefully transferred from the stereo masters at Paisley Park, and mastered by Bernie Grundman — the mastering engineer who worked on the original album. The reissue will also include a concert film recorded in Syracuse on March 30, 1985, with audio remastered by Grundman. Here’s the track list for the audio discs. The set was originally announced with a June 9 release date, but that may be pushed back a couple of weeks. Update: The release is now confirmed for June 23.

Disc 1: Purple Rain (2015 Paisley Park remaster)

Let’s Go Crazy
Take Me With U
The Beautiful Ones
Computer Blue
Darling Nikki
When Doves Cry
I Would Die 4 U
Baby I’m a Star
Purple Rain

Disc 2: Edits and Extended Mixes

These tracks were previously released in association with the album’s singles, but many of them have long been out of circulation.

When Doves Cry (7″ Single Edit) – 3:49
17 Days (7″ B-Side Edit) – 3:58
Let’s Go Crazy (7″ Single Edit) – 3:49
Erotic City (Let’s Go Crazy 7″ B-Side Edit) – 3:57
Purple Rain (7″ Single Edit) – 4:08
God (Purple Rain 7″ B-Side) – 4:04
God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) (U.K. 12″ B-Side) – 7:59
Another Lonely Christmas (I Would Die 4 U 7″ B-Side Edit) – 4:56
I Would Die 4 U (7″ Single Edit) – 2:59
Baby I’m a Star (Take Me With U 7″ B-Side Edit) – 2:52
Take Me With U (7″ Single Edit) – 3:43
Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) – 7:36
Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive) (Extended Version) – 7:25
Another Lonely Christmas (Original Extended Version) – 6:52
I Would Die 4 U (Extended Tour Rehearsal Version) – 10:20

Disc 3: From the Vault

The Dance Electric – 11:29

This song is best-known from André Cymone’s 1985 recording; Prince also occasionally performed it live.

Love & Sex – 5:00

A previously unreleased song from the Purple Rain sessions.

Computer Blue (Hallway Speech Version) – 12:18

A previously unreleased version of this track, including a section known as the “hallway speech” because it refers to a metaphorical passage through hallways marked “lust” and “fear.”

Velvet Kitty Cat – 2:42

A previously unreleased recording.

Katrina’s Paper Dolls – 3:30

A demo version of this song has circulated, but this finished master has never before been heard.

We Can Fuck – 10:17

This song was released on Graffiti Bridge as a George Clinton collaboration called “We Can Funk.” This earlier version has never before circulated at its full ten-minute length.

Electric Intercourse (Studio Version) – 4:57

Live versions of this song have circulated, but this studio recording has never before been heard — and was not even previously known to exist.

Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden – 6:25

These two songs, connected by a segue, have been performed live.

Possessed – 7:56

This song was widely performed live, and a 1984 recording has been circulated; this is an earlier, never-before-heard 1983 Prince solo version.

Wonderful Ass – 6:24

A previously unreleased collaboration with Wendy and Lisa.

Father’s Song – 5:30

One of the holy grails of Prince’s Vault, this piano piece co-written by Prince and his father is heard briefly in the film. It’s previously been heard only in an abbreviated version taken from the film — never before at its full length.

  • caseyrain

    Hi Jay! I’m Casey Rain of The Violet Reality. Many thanks for providing credit.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Eye am Violet The Organ Grinder!

    • alexnvrmnd

      Really, dude? Get over yourself. SMH

  • Luke Feldmann

    Disc 3 looks amazing
    I can’t wait to hear quality versions of my favorite bootlegs

    • Perry Carter

      Worth the price for the full Computer Blue alone!

      • PRINCE4EVER O(->

        The approx. 14 minute version is good 2!

      • Brandy


      • Don Robinson

        Bruuuuh. The hallway speech is pure youthful Prince genius. Can wait to own the quality, remastered version!

        • Perry Carter

          Right on! When I was much younger, I can even remember listening to my sister’s Purple Rain cassette and thinking at one point (hand on heart) “I like this song, but it’d be so much better with a second verse and then some.” Then when I finally heard a longer version, I was absolutely blown way. Of course Prince thought of that already WAY before me!

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Prince don’t like bootleggers!

  • caseyrain

    btw Jay, a demo of KATRINA’S PAPER DOLLS has not leaked. The one on Youtube is mislabelled and is a completely different track called “Joy” aka Paisley Park Instrumental (not related to the song Paisley Park, recorded before)

    I have heard the real Katrina’s Paper Dolls from a collector and it is a completely different song.

    just letting you know so you can update the article :)

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      What do U X-pect from bootleggers?

  • Mily Dily

    This is wonderful! 💜💜

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      A Wonderful A S S ????

  • Thomas Kozlowski Jr

    Electric Intercourse. Maybe my favorite unreleased song

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Electric in my body!

  • I can finally put my VHS copy of the Syracuse concert to rest! :-D

    • Herbert Bell

      NEVER 👍🏾

    • blacknote

      Bought the laserdisc years ago. Still have it and won’t let it go. The large cover alone still looks good.

  • Linda Ann Eknoian

    Looking forward to this!!

  • lakerstyle

    I’m buying this not for the stuff in the vault (which I have heard most it anyways…thanks YouTube and iVault) , but for the remastered 1985 concert from the Purple Rain Tour. I had this on VHS and later brought a DVD that sucks. Hopefully this will be a pristine video transfer.

  • Derrick

    Can’t wait. Disc 3. Five songs I have never heard.

  • kco0l;s ChocolateBox

    The sad thing is Prince(who transcended to the afterworld) is not here in physical form to reap the full benefits of his re-mastered “mAsTErPiEcES” financially..:<(

  • Eric Lopez

    “Father’s Song” finally gets released in it’s entirety. One of the most moving moments from the film with such a haunting beautiful solo piano piece.

    I truly hope this is the beginning of many more songs scheduled for released from the 80’s decade, that I believe was Prince’s most creative and prolific.

    Prince was just starting to get back to those musical roots during the “Piano and a Microphone” tour and, tragically, it was all over. Release the Paisley Park premier concert. Please. Please. Please. I had the pleasure of attending the Parimount Theater, in Oakland, CA. Amazing! The world needs to witness his last musical greatness!

    That is all 0-/->

  • Melanie Lynn

    I will never give WB cent a my $

  • Herbert Bell


  • Larry Henderson

    How do I buy it?

  • Mark Hanson

    This looks very promising… however in regards to Disc 1: Purple Rain (2015 Paisley Park remaster)… I wonder if the songs are back to their original full length? Rumor was 3 – 4 of the songs on the album were edited due to the fact that WB did not want a second double album released after 1999

    • Tony Adler

      Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) on disc two is the version from the movie.

  • Donatello Gurule

    Who cares bout 7″..edits

  • Ronny_Pudding

    No vinyl version?

  • Robby Clark

    This will be the ultimate disc that would be put out by him. Not only the tracks that has never been heard but the live Syracuse New York concert. Which I have been waiting to hear this show on CD but it would be cool if they remade that show on DVD. Can’t wait

  • Deez

    assuming it’s official, this will be a great release!
    Not including The beautiful ones (extended) and darling Nikki (extended) and when doves cry (with bass) is a head scratcher. But I’m sure those will be released eventually. Really hoping for a well thought out, organized plan to release this vault material, like the way Miles Davis/Bob Dylan material has been archived.