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May 15, 2017

Corey Palmer on his 24-minute single ‘Heartache’

When most people think of an unusually long song, they usually think of something that is around ten minutes, tops. How about one that’s 24 minutes? Minneapolis-based artist Corey Palmer has created just that with his newest release “Heartache.” “Heartache” is described by Palmer, on his Bandcamp page, as “…a 24 minute single about being sad […]

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Minnesota’s Jesse Larson talks ‘The Voice,’ his time with Prince, and living his musical dreams

Minneapolis singer-guitarist-luthier Jesse Larson probably thought his life couldn’t get much more remarkable when, in 2014, his band #MPLS were invited to play a show at Paisley Park. Then, early in 2015, he was invited to audition for Prince, ultimately joining the band of Prince’s protege Judith Hill. All very cool, but even those experiences didn’t […]

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