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‘Chocolate Rain’ turns 10: Where is Tay Zonday now?

courtesy Tay Zonday

One of the quintessential viral videos, entitled “Chocolate Rain,” has officially turned a decade old. For those in need of a refresher (or who are too young to remember), you can watch the original video below.

“Chocolate Rain” was published to YouTube on April 22, 2007. The song was written, produced, and recorded by Tay Zonday. He was a graduate student in Minnesota when he uploaded the video, and it gained attention so quickly that he was making regular appearances on national television and getting offers from record labels.

With his signature deep voice, Zonday went on to do more work after “Chocolate Rain.” He parodied himself on the show Robot Chicken and even made an original song for Dr. Pepper called “Cherry Chocolate Rain.”

This begs the question: what is Tay Zonday up to today? Although his  YouTube channel gained traction after “Chocolate Rain” and boasts over a million subscribers, his name definitely isn’t popping up as consistently as it used to.

Aside from uploading videos and maintaining a social media presence, Zonday’s career has been rather quiet. He is not the household name he used to be. Still, he remains loyal to his fan base and looks forward to new opportunities through the “contact” section on his website. However, Zonday is always up for a conversation about the song that started it all.

On the anniversary of the song, Zonday — who now resides in California — recorded an acoustic version.

In a recent interview with BT News, Zonday talked about how “Chocolate Rain” has been able to stand the test of time: “I think I’m very lucky to have content that is truly evergreen,” he said. “I feel ‘Chocolate Rain’ is as relevant today as it was 10 years ago.”

Hanna Bubser is an English student at Hamline University.