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People are freaking out about this Minneapolis cloud that looks like Prince

People are seeing Prince in an image of a majestic cloud, taken Tuesday night at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Jill Smith got the picture from her coworker, Tiffany Mattick, who says she was driving down 494 towards the airport with her daughter when the clouds caught their eye. At the time, neither of them saw any specific shapes, she said. Mattick didn’t look at the picture her daughter had snapped until after she was done driving. Once she saw the unique cloud formation, she posted it to Facebook, where friends’ interpretations included Sasquatch, Elvis, the Loch Ness Monster, and a surfing or snowboarding Jesus.

It wasn’t like oh, there’s Prince, let’s take a picture. What we saw in that picture was beautiful clouds and light, just the sun coming towards the clouds,” she said. “There’s a lot of things you can see in that picture. And so there’s just different elements to it and perspectives.”

For Smith and thousands of other Prince fans, the cloud resembled the Purple One. After Smith tweeted it, the People of Paisley Park Facebook page reposted the photo, which now has over a thousand likes and shares.

Enthusiasm for its resemblance to Prince abounds on Twitter, with the picture nearing 100 retweets.

“Whatever it is that you see, consider what you might be missing in any situation. Let others help you. Ask them what they see? It might be exactly what you need right now. Perspective is a gift for all of us to give. Are you listening?” Mattick wrote in her blog about the viral photo.

Thank you, internet.

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    • Helen Hawkins


      • Sara Hayden

        Please turn on your spellcheck.

  • Wagnerian_thrice

    I appreciate your ongoing coverage of Prince and his meaning to people, but this is just embarrassing, you guys. It’s a cloud!

    • Anthony Lewis

      Don’t rain on our parade.

      • Kimberley Politano

        Haha. Cute!

    • Ginger

      Yeah, a cloud that resembles Prince!

      • Jamelia Tooto Thomas

        Well you responded so it counts ..so yeah a cloud that looks like PRINCE ROGERS NELSON…

  • Nancy Andersen

    It may be just a cloud to SOME, but it’s pretty remarkable the likeness of a few photos of him.


    I see it

  • Annie Hill

    I believe that’s Prince in the clouds .. I witnessed this exact cloud appearing just like the picture posted in Georgetown,Texas near Austin TX in February 2017. I attempted to take a pic but my cell battery was too low. This is really amazing. When I first saw it I thought Prince immediately. My friend on the other hand thought it look like a solider I never told her what I thought it was . It felt special to me I was just in complete awe ..

    • horrido

      The exact cloud. Right.

      • Annie Hill

        Yes exact with the exception of the darkness and the glare of light on the edge of the sillouett. The sky was very clear and the cloud was so bright. The image of this figure in the cloud was the exact identical figure in the cloud that I saw.

  • michael hammond

    I don’t think that’s the image he would want to be remembered by since he went back to original look. Kinda funny if you look at last purple rain shot from the movie you can super impose that same look, hmmmmmm🤔

  • Annie Hill

    All I can say is I saw the same cloud 2 months ago except the sky was very bright and clear but the same cloud appeared before my eyes. This is why I know what is being shown in this photo is real.

  • mamathellama


  • TC2017

    Don’t forget Jimi!

  • TC2017
  • Samantha

    Wow. He can’t just go to heaven quietly like every body else. Lol

  • Jaym Esch

    I worship Prince. He literally saved my life. His is the only music I listen to in 99% of instances (and now due to the greed of the estate and various companies around his estate, the vault looks like it’ll stay mostly sealed at least in my lifetime, guaranteeing I have almost no new music for life… sigh).

    With that disclaimer aside, this is commonplace pareidolia. It’s cool as hell, but it is simply visual patterns formed from chaos.

  • Jamelia Tooto Thomas

    Say hey to all my peeps in heaven ..buy mine a drink and say a prayer for me.. and don’t forget to save a place for me👑🔮