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Watch Chris Cornell’s haunting cover of Prince’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’

This morning, we woke to the sad news of the passing of Chris Cornell Wednesday night. As we remember Cornell’s life and music, we also continue to mourn the death of another music great: Prince. In 2015, Cornell recorded a haunting cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” during a visit to the studios of SiriusXM.

Cornell was best known for being the frontman and co-founder of the popular ’90s band Soundgarden: one of the most influential grunge bands. In his reflective feature on the emergence of grunge and the impact of Soundgarden, Erik Thompson described Cornell’s “volatile, piercing wail” as a “musical call to arms for capricious youth who had long since grown tired of the flagrant artificiality of hair metal.”

While Cornell was a pivotal figure for gritty rock, he also more than proved that he was a versatile vocalist. In his gorgeous rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Cornell sweetly croons the heartbreaking lyrics in an acoustic performance.

With the passing of Cornell happening just short of a month after the one year anniversary of the passing of Prince, this cover provides a beautiful and bittersweet way to remember two music greats.

Lillian Speakman is a senior at Hamline University and a DJ for HU Radio.

  • Shrew

    thank you for posting. i hadn’t heard this version. brought me to tears.

    • Francine Amato

      Me too

  • Hartwig Kinder

    it´s by far not Prince´s song. Just inform yourself a little bit.
    It´s so sad anyway.

    • Karla Olson

      Prince wrote it. Sinead sang it.

      • Hartwig Kinder

        you are right. I just informed myself a little better, I was wrong, sorry and thanks.

        • JP

          Props to Hartwig for at least owning the mistake and not trying to make it someone else’s fault. Refreshing.

        • laytonian

          Hartwig, you can EDIT your comment. Otherwise, your wrong-headed post will live in infamy forever. LOL

    • Francine Amato

      Prince did not cover the song, he wrote it.

  • Brandie Lewis

    Hartwig Kinder .Actually Prince wrote this song in 1985 for the family. She redid it in 1990 without his approval. I know this as a Prince fan but here you go. And in my opinion her redo sucked. It’s not a one person song
    Nothing Compares 2 U” is a song written and composed by Prince for one of his side projects, The Family album by The Family band. It was later made famous by Irish recording artist Sinéad O’Connor,

    • Coqui

      I love when a true Prince fan jumps in and sets the world straight.. Couldn’t have said it better myself my purple Sister.💜

  • Xolo Cihuatl

    This was great…of course, Prince sings it the best…but then, he wrote it

  • Cristina Lewis

    Nothing Compares 2U performed by Prince himself was an experience I will never forget. Sinéad O’connor should have shown much more respect and not turn out to be such a sour soul. Many artists have become famous with Prince’s authorship, or sung his songs: The Bangles. Martika, and Sinéad O’connor, among others. “Sad” is to have 2 much talent gone 2 soon. Our Royal badness,The White Duke, The King of Pop; obviously, every King needs a Queen and don’t forget Amy Winehouse. They must be having a heel of a time in the Afterworld A.K.A. Heaven!!

    • Aaron James Storrs

      Don’t forget Stevie Nicks solo career was helped along by his writing, I still think that O’Connor did the best version, although this one is growing on me.

    • Yes so sad she also mentally ill at times…you didn’t need to attack anyone.

  • James McDuffie Jr.

    I’m so heart broken.

  • xmarisolx

    That was wonderful.

  • Dave Bartholome

    The Prince fan below says O’Connor did this “without [Prince’s] approval.” Really? If that’s the case, how come there wasn’t a massive lawsuit?