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Friday Five: EL.i.BE (feat. O-Lay), Nick Jordan, and more new Minnesota music videos

EL.i.BE, “Balance (feat. O-Lay)”

“I might get lit up if I swerve,” rapper EL.i.BE acknowledges, dreading a “sequel of Philando” at an impending traffic stop. While he and O-Lay share their rhymes, dancers Peace and Nteranya perform intense moves in this film by Benji Cooper.

Nick Jordan, “Petty”

Soul/R&B artist Nick Jordan brings viewers to paradise in the video for “Petty,” off Dividends; local choreographer/creative producer John Mark directs. Watch if you liked Lemonade.

Mike Dreams, “Heavy Soul (feat. Leonard Searcy)”

Mike Dreams also reacted to the Philando Castile case this month. The day after jurors delivered a not guilty verdict in the case against Jeronimo Yanez, Dreams and Leonard Searcy (a.k.a. Hypel) responded with “Heavy Soul.”

YYY, “Hang On To Your Ego (feat. Lydia Liza and Cool Moon)”

YYY‘s Tribute to the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds is off to a weird and wonderful start with this Lydia Liza/Cool Moon video and the already-released song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (feat. deM atlaS).” YYY, a.k.a. Austin Carson, is reimagining the Beach Boys’ seminal album for a project due out July 12 and an Icehouse show on July 19.

BdotCroc, “S A M E”

“No standing still” for BdotCroc: the rapper has been grinding away on her fitness, career moves, and music, as this video shows.