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Summer jam ‘LaCroix Boi’ pays homage to the world’s favorite nonalcoholic Wisconsin beverage

Ever wished there was a way for you to musically express your passion for those delightfully refreshing sparkling water drinks known as LaCroix? Well, Chicago rapper Big Dipper has you covered with the release of his seductive new track, “LaCroix Boi.”

The single, which was just released today, is a R&B slow jam that serves as an ode to the seltzer soft drink. “LaCroix Boi” is a song about seduction, as made clear by the lyrics which feature gems such as “tiny bubbles tickle tongues/ mixing flavors just for fun.” The smooth, tantalizingly ’90s-style beat also helps give the song its charm.

While the delight of LaCroix has been well know in the Midwest for some time, recently the seltzer drinks have been gaining popularity in other parts of the United States as well. The carbonated drinks were originally made in La Crosse, Wisconsin — which helps explain the brand’s often mispronounced name. The “La” was taken from the city of its origin and “Croix” was inspired by the St. Croix River which runs between Wisconsin and Minnesota, so if someone tries to tell you it’s “La Cwaa,” they’re wrong.

In the video, Big Dipper sits on a throne of LaCroix and shimmies in a jacket made entirely of LaCroix cans. Bubbles, slow-motion water pouring, and lots of seductive dancing are all also part of the visual experience.

It may be the highest-profile LaCroix lyrical mention since the drink’s imaginary pomegranate flavor showed up in the Lydia Liza/Josiah Lemanski rewrite of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Lillian Speakman is a recent graduate from Hamline University.