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Tyka Nelson releases song, video dedicated to her brother Prince

After teasing a “big surprise” and sharing many never-before-seen family photos on her social media accounts, Tyka Nelson is marking the 59th anniversary of the birth of her brother, Prince Rogers Nelson, today by releasing a new song and video in tribute to him.

Titled “End of the Road,” the song takes the listener through the loss of her brother and their parents, and asks, “Is this the end of the road?” The video depicts her walking around familiar Prince-related landmarks in Minneapolis, including the Schmitt Music wall of notes, First Avenue, Paisley Park, the house from Purple Rain, and two of the houses where her family lived, 539 Newton Ave. N. and 2620 8th Ave. N. Between shots, scrapbook photos are shown of Prince, Tyka, and their parents, John Nelson and Mattie Baker.

Paisley Park’s Studio A, where Prince completed the majority of his significant recordings from 1987-2015, is prominently featured in the video, with Tyka singing from the live sound room while Prince’s chair behind the studio console remains poignantly empty.

“After Prince passed I wanted to give him one final birthday present and I decided to fulfill his wish, and record this song at Paisley Park,” Tyka told EW today. She added, “This song poses the question ‘is this the End of The Road?’ and my answer is I don’t think so! I will see all three of my beautiful family members someday again.”

The video was directed by Empire‘s executive director Sanaa Hamri, who also shot the 2004 video for Prince’s “Musicology,” and the director of photography for “End of the Road” was Afshin Shahidi, a trusted photographer who worked closely with Prince in the 2000s.


  • Jacqueline Ferguson

    I really love this song!

  • Syd Vishus

    Thank you Tyka for this wonderful song honoring your brother….PRINCE O(+> on his birthday. Miss him so much…still in shock. :(

  • Christy M. Lunde

    What a lovely song and tribute! Would like to purchase/download the song. Is it available yet?

  • Wilma Elizabeth Barner

    Thank you Ms Tyka for such an awesome tribute and beautiful song. I can’t stop crying.

  • Tiffany J Shubert

    Love how Prince’s chair is empty. Though it reminds us he’s gone. I love it despite the haters

  • TJ Jones

    I absolutely loved this song. I think Prince would be proud of you Tyka.

  • Gwendolyn Lovinladygee William

    Thank Tyka that was so beautiful your brother and parents would be so proud of you!

  • Chris Alston

    Oh my I Love this song 😍💜

  • Lisa McIntosh

    I love the song and you made your brother and parnets proud😍💜💜

  • Tina Bryan

    Beautiful song, Thank you Tyka. I’m in tears. Wow!

  • Sandy Trainer Price

    I liked it.

  • really loved it–thank you for sharing–looking forward to hearing more from you–you rock, Sista!

  • anne

    What a beaitiful song i love your voice tyka sad beautiful

  • Sandy McNutt

    I love this song…you have the same gift to sing like an angel…I wish you and Prince had of made a song together!!!!

  • Pam Mestas

    I Loved Your Song It Made Me Cry … And You Have A Beautiful Voice Tyka …

  • Sheree Oliver

    Love love love beautiful song and voices so healing
    for the world xxx

  • Lori Fields

    Absolutely beautiful!! Tyka!!! Bravo!! 👏👏👏

  • Jahna

    It would have been really hot if she would have incorporated some of Princes adlibs throughout the record to support her vocals. But since it said rough cut, maybe she can still add his touch. There must be gazillions of empty Prince vocal tracks in that vault!

  • Michelle Bryant

    I love this song

  • Victoria Walker

    Loved the song and your voice is lovely as well as your brother. One day at a time, your AWESOME! You can do this because we love you the Prince Family is
    still here!

  • Robin Neighbors

    Great job Tyka!!! I loved it!!

  • Tattaria MyAngel JusMe

    Thank you Beautiful Tyka ♡, Your Brother was a rare Gem, made me believe Unicorns may really do exist !!!!!… I Fell in Love n Prince was on my bucket list,knowing it’ll nevee happen is emotional, but I plan to visit Paisley Park soon,
    The rainbow n rain over his home could only mean his Love rain his Purple Love all over us,In the Angels choir now♡♡♡

  • Tattaria MyAngel JusMe

    ♡My Cup Runnith Over♡

  • Rick

    Love it very much. Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing.

  • FemmeMoiColeur

    Thank-you. Beautiful. Very touching yes beautiful, I love it. I miss my mother and my Father I never knew and my beautiful Grand Parents I miss them. I love your song especially because of the hope and promise’s Jehovah has for us and our beloved family
    who are asleep in death. I look forward to this time. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful song. A tribute to your brother Prince. I miss him too . End of the road is in sight bringing with it new beginnings, love and joy.

  • Gregg Ellis