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July 10, 2017

How Adam Levy’s lime burn became international news

Last month, Minneapolis singer-songwriter Adam Levy — known for his solo work as well as for playing with the Honeydogs, Liminal Phase, And the Professors, and the Bunny Clogs — suffered severe burns and blistering on his hand due to an unexpected culprit, lime juice. About three weeks ago on a Monday morning, Levy was enjoying a coffee out […]

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‘Twin Peaks’ episode nine recap: Ground control to Major Briggs

If the last, infamously far-out, episode of Twin Peaks: The Return left you craving some plot development, last night’s installment had you covered and then some. In an hourlong storm of plot threads, just about every notable character got some attention. It’s been an elliptical season, but the characters’ central task is coming into focus. They need to […]

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