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July 17, 2017

Review and photos: Mitski entrances the Triple Rock Social Club

When Mitski performed last night at the Triple Rock, she mostly stood stock still at a stage-left mic surrounded by monitors, plucking a bass and keening into her vocal mic. Meanwhile, guitarist Patrick Hyland and drummer Casey Weissbuch whipped up furious storms of sound, storms that Mitski herself seemed to be both summoning and weathering. […]

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‘Twin Peaks’ episode 10 recap: Intimate violence

Maybe Agent Cooper is better off in his stupefied “Dougie” state. He’s a publicly celebrated hero, he’s winning points with the boss, and the spark is back in his marriage. Meanwhile, all of the supposedly lucid men and women around him are being drawn into a tightening web spun by the evil Mr. C. Episode […]

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