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Four-sevenths of Doomtree debut new group, Shredders

Shredders, 'Shredders'

This morning, Sims, P.O.S, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger of Doomtree unveiled Shredders, a new side project already complete with merch and a self-titled EP. Not to worry, Lazerbeak writes on the crew’s website — this is not the end of Doomtree. But it is a cool project that fans of the OG crew should appreciate.

Since releasing their LP All Hands in January 2015, all seven members of Doomtree have taken time to work on non-crew projects. Cecil Otter made Dear Echo; Sims worked on More Than Ever; P.O.S released Chill, dummy; Dessa made a song for The Hamilton Mixtape and wrote for her forthcoming book; Beak teamed up with Bionik for an EP called Pool Boys; Mike Mictlan invested time in being a dad, and Paper Tiger made a four-part project called In Other Words. Turns out Sims, P.O.S., Beak, and Paper Tiger (plus Mictlan, given his feature on “Ions”) were also dedicating time to Shredders, which doesn’t sound much different from Doomtree after all, but is still wholly enjoyable.

Where to start, one might wonder? If you like Paper Tiger’s In Other Words series: “Ions.” If you dig “Wearing A Bear” by P.O.S: “Cult 45.” If you’re into “Team The Best Team”: “Wolfs.”

If you like Doomtree, you’re bound to like Shredders.