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Friday Five: Actual Wolf, Lori Barbero on the Longhorn, and more new Minnesota music videos

Actual Wolf, "Baby Please"

Actual Wolf, “Baby Please”

First Baby Driver, now “Baby Please.” Like the Simon & Garfunkel song, this Actual Wolf single sounds like it could be from the turn of the ’70s, given its gorgeous vocal layers over unhurried electric guitars and tambourine. As the starring heisters prove in this Erik Nelson-directed “road story,” the song also makes a great soundtrack to an olde-time crime.

The Lowertown Line, “Lori Barbero and The Longhorn”

Once you start learning about the key characters of Minnesota music history, you won’t want to stop. That’s especially true about Lori Barbero, Babes in Toyland drummer and longtime local bartender, who stars in this TPT video about Jay’s Longhorn Bar. She discusses the music she saw at the Longhorn, saying, “That’s the great thing about being old, is I got to see all the good bands.”

batteryboy, “for once in your life”

“I was a little nervous to put something out there the tie our music to a political statement,” Cobey Rouse of batteryboy writes, but “what’s the point of art if not to generate some deeper level of conscience, right?” Find out what the indie rocker means.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, “2017: Best Summer Ever”

Hazelfest host David Campbell joins Har Mar Superstar in this ultra-engaging video, which teases Har Mar’s slot at Hazelfest 2017. He’ll join Lizzo and Communist Daughter at this year’s iteration of the substance-free festival, and he might just play the new song off his August 22 EP Personal Boy.

John David & the Jerks, “Every Little Road”

Where’s the best place to hide cash? If you’re a barber, people might start looking inside your Barbasol cans. Unless, like the star of this John David & the Jerks video, you do something unexpected with it anyway.