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Friday Five: Taylor J, C.M.J., and more new Minnesota music videos

Taylor J, “Five Times”

Taylor J takes over the Uptown Five Guys with rich videography by @13TwentyThree. The polished track is one of 12 on Who Would’ve Thought, the rapper’s debut album, out since June.

C.M.J. feat. Cappie, “Wilted Hopes”

Andre Mariette sounds like he’s nodding to Mura Masa on this steel-drum-saturated beat, which C.M.J. scooped up for his album A New Age. C.M.J. starts tour tonight (July 7) in St. Cloud and plays Honey with Kat Fox on July 11.

VICE BOYS, “In The Air”

Young locals VICE BOYS envision “VICE Mansion,” filled with girls, their crew, and a butler named Jeffrey. (Be advised: This video contains explicit content.)

Lazenlow, “Smoke & Mirrors”

Vocalist Gillian Needham and producer Mike Ryerse (a.k.a. Ghost Channels) are Lazenlow, an electronic duo who might give you bad dreams.

Daniel & The Real Feels – City Girlfriends

A dangerous man becomes a believer in this goofy video by Alec Zender. According to their bio, Daniel & The Real Feels came out of Fergus Falls, Minn., inspired not so much by small-town kitsch but more by “a shared love of the performative rock n roll and power pop greats. Think Stones, Bowie, Queen, T. Rex, Big Star.”