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New Paisley Park ‘Ultimate Experience’ tour to feature rare video, audio, archive access

A photo of Studio A in Paisley Park. (courtesy Paisley Park/NPG Records)

A new tour option will soon be available at Paisley Park, promising exclusive access to new spaces and exhibits within the museum. The tour has been dubbed the “Ultimate Experience” and offers visitors three hours of guided access throughout Prince’s longtime home and musical oasis. The new tour option strives to provide fans with a truly immersive experience into the life and music of Prince. Ultimate Experience tour tickets will be available to purchase alongside the General Admission and VIP tickets starting Aug. 14, but for only a limited time.

Those embarking on the “Ultimate Experience” will see all the spaces included in the GA and VIP tours — the main floor of Paisley Park, rehearsal rooms, the soundstage, and concert hall. However, those on the ultimate tour will have the opportunity to see all three of Paisley Park’s recording studios: studios A, B, and C. In the control room of Studio B visitors will have the opportunity to listen to an audio playback of a recording session that took place in the studio, allowing fans an inside glimpse of Prince’s creative process in the very studio where he recorded a number of his beloved hits.

Along with access to additional spaces in Paisley Park, the tour also includes a private extended screening of video footage within Paisley Park’s editing suite. The suite was frequently occupied by Prince as he reviewed and edited both music videos and concert footage, including the concert film recorded at Paisley Park, Rave Un2 the Year 2000.

During the tour, fans will have the opportunity to see the museum’s collection of artifacts from Prince’s personal archives, including his instruments, awards, concert wardrobe, and artwork. Additionally, the tour will include a viewing of exclusive archive items not available on any other tour. At the end of the extensive three-hour multimedia experience guests will be treated to a specially prepared vegetarian meal.

Tickets for the Paisley Park Ultimate Experience tour are now on sale for $160. In other Paisley Park news, a “Musicology” battle of the bands is scheduled for Aug. 31 – Sept. 3. A week later, Sept. 11, will mark the 30th anniversary of Paisley Park’s official opening in 1987.

Lillian Speakman is a recent graduate from Hamline University.

  • Nick Rocks

    Moooooo, keep milking that cow!

  • Calvin Gilmore

    That’s good

  • Jim Wear

    U would draw more interest if the tour was FREE and U accepted donations; charge for the extra feature if U wish. Prince often had concerts that were free or low cover for his concerts and these people want to charge $160 to view the same EMPTY room?

    • Cristal Anne Heikke

      I would think by now that people could be sympathetic to all that has happened to the Nelson Family, If the Family wouldn’t have turned this into a museum how would they have paid all of the taxes that were due ??. Not to mention they were expected to make decisions when they were in shock and stricken with Grief with the death of their loved one ! I’ve walked in those shoes and it’s not Easy, I say prayers for you Tyka and the whole Family !

      • Jim Wear

        We all go thru life and death situations and as a ministering deacon and my wife a Chaplin we deal with death weekly 4 people. Cremating Prince within 3 days of his death and then opening the Park as a museum within 8 months is NOT about the grieving process IMO. The estate is NOT going anywhere and ANY reasonable person with the Feds and State officials and lawyers know it. The money would be there on the back end, especially when the JUDGE has NOT even decided on who the heirs were legally. The Park was opened 4 tours BEFORE the judge ruled Tyka was an heir along with other siblings. They all should have taken their time to process the best course of action. Everything was so rushed that even the record deal had to be rescinded. Utter disaster because they did NOT properly grieve the loss, they ONLY SAW the GAIN!!!!

  • Suzy Six

    I wish I could go back before this ends. I’d love to see this Ultimate tour. I’ve already seen the General and VIP tours. I loved it. It helped me with my grief over losing Prince. It helped a LOT.