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Video premiere: Watch Chastity Brown “Wake Up”

Alissa Paris (left) and Chastity Brown (right) in "Wake Up"

Chastity Brown released her most recent album, Silhouette of Sirens, in May after a long recording, writing, and re-recording process. Now that it’s out, she’s shared a wealth of thoughts and art about the project, including beautiful interviews, a touching show at the Fitzgerald, and new music videos: “Carried Away” and “Wake Up.”

Out today, the “Wake Up” video features Brown herself in the main role, spending a morning by herself (or so it might seem). There’s no clear narrative; Brown calls this a “stream of consciousness” song, and the video follows that lead. Andrea Swensson taps into that elongation of the present in her Silhouette of Sirens review: “Like many masterful songwriters, Chastity has the ability to make her stories feel intensely personal yet open-ended […] When Chastity Brown sings, the wind takes a breath. Clouds hover. Waves flatten out and the lakes go still.”

Shot by Wale Agbola in a downtown Minneapolis flat, the video illuminates peace and conflict inside Brown. Dancer Alissa Paris is an alternate Chastity, one who lingers behind the real artist. Intercut are smoky, warm-colored clips of Brown playing guitar.

Today (Aug. 16), Chastity Brown performs a free show at Sociable Cider Werks as part of Oake and Riley in the Afternoon. The event runs from 4-7 p.m.; admission is free.