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Friday Five: Corbin, Thomas Abban, and more new Minnesota music videos

Corbin in "Hunker Down"

Corbin, “Hunker Down”

Directed by Braden Lee, Corbin‘s new video is grave — no pun intended — but it’s also a gorgeous accompaniment to his song “Hunker Down” from Mourn. For NPR, Andrew Flanagan writes, “With ‘Hunker Down,’ the forest is not only present, but central. Corbin is heading up north, to ‘where 61 touches the waterline,’ referencing the highway that traces Minnesota’s arrowhead […] The woods are an escape, and it can be a crushing one.”

Thomas Abban, “Horizons”

Black and white; feathers; a mask dripping thin lines from the right eye. All of Thomas Abban‘s signature visuals show up in this self-directed video from A Sheik’s Legacy, shot by Bennett Witta. If you haven’t heard his polished, soulful rock, now is the time to jump on the wagon.

Moise, “Wildflower (Live on Colors)”

When Moise released his debut single “Wildflower” this year, he attracted international attention. This summer, German studio Colors invited him and his friend Will Levison to perform the song in Berlin; wearing a St. Thomas T-shirt, he joins Smino and Billie Eilish in the ranks of Colors guests.

LOYA, “Closure”

LOYA is Nathan Johnson, a musician pivoting from hard rock to darkpop, his voice flattened by studio effects. Jude Aotik directs his new video.

Trevor DeVine and the Immaculate Beings, “Teach Me How To Love Again”

Trevor DeVine strides the riverbank in this track from Free. Also featuring: number-one comfort food mac and cheese.