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Friday Five: Love Sequence, Taylor J, and more new Minnesota music videos

Love Sequence, "Cigarette"

Love Sequence, “Cigarette”

Cheerless boys in dress shirts recline on the couch — until their TV screen shows them a whole new world (the Walker Art Center’s Sculpture Garden may look familiar to Twin Cities residents). Bobby Rethwisch (vocals, guitar, keys), Marcus Findley (bass/vocals), Grant Gabriel (drums), Nolan Sawyer Watts (guitar/keys/vocals) are Love Sequence, a pop band from Minneapolis. Nate P, a versatile artist from Minneapolis, shot the video.

Taylor J, “Feelings”

Taylor J teams up with Lex Luger (production) and @13TwentyThree (video) once again, vibing in black-and-white.

FIJI-13, “Mansplain It To Me bb”

“I don’t know how things work/ ‘Cause I’m not a man,” FIJI-13‘s Heidi and Hilary James sing with a shrug. If you’re going to live through an onslaught of “well, actuallys,” you might as well have fun with it, right? The band celebrate their album release on Oct. 14 at the Triple Rock Social Club.

Micky Alfano, “Moonshine Fawns”

Cody Lee Brown directed this tender video by singer/songwriter Micky Alfano.

Little Riddles, “You’ll Be Loved” (Live on Pony Rug)

Little Riddles‘s live performance on Pony Rug has more than a little swing to it. The Americana group recorded their song “You’ll Be Loved” live at Sovereignty Recording.