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Friday Five: Shredders, Lena Elizabeth, and more new Minnesota music videos

L-r: P.O.S, Sims, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger as Shredders in "Cult 45"

Shredders, “Cult 45”

P.O.S, Sims, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger are Shredders, a new side project from the Doomtree quartet. Their self-titled EP includes “Cult 45,” which they pair with a goofy stunt in this video directed by Mercies May. As Lazerbeak puts it, “We basically threw a fake birthday party in my backyard for all of our kids and kids’ friends. Mayhem ensued.”

Lena Elizabeth, “Soldier”

Lena Elizabeth Bredeson, who goes by Lena Elizabeth in her music career, just released her debut EP The Line — and it’s worth a listen. “Soldier,” one of the project’s bluesy tracks, shows off her warm voice and ear for melody. Cinematographer Andrew Hatling gets credit for the visuals.

Kielo, “Radiate”

Kielo, a.k.a. Good Night Gold Dust‘s Laura Schultz, has been learning about meditation. Having struggled with anxiety, she looked to mindfulness to improve her mental health — and that’s the calm, connected spirit “Radiate” was born out of. Joining “In Water” on Kielo’s forthcoming solo EP, “Radiate” enjoys a video shot and produced by Colin Scharf. It juxtaposes clips of nature from locales such as Finland, Wisconsin, and Mankato, Minn.

Fitness, “Touch”

Mellow synthwave meets exercise in Fitness, a new local project full of instrumental jive.

Sven-Erik Olsen, “Sketchbook Traces”

Jangly, reverb-soaked indie pop adds a new member to its ranks in Sven-Erik Olsen, a Minnesotan songwriter fond of Twin/Tone and the Replacements. His album Sketchbook Traces drops on Sept. 8.