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With New Power Soul, Prince’s brother is bringing Paisley Park’s studios back to life

Photo courtesy of New Power Soul

After sunset on a Tuesday evening, purple lights shine on the white tiles that line Paisley Park and there are only a few cars left in the rear parking lot. The building’s public tours have shut down for the day, and the merch booths and cash registers are shrouded in purple fabric, all the lights turned down low.

But just down the hallway from the soundstage, tucked behind an insulated glass door, a familiar scene is playing out for the first time in far too long: The sound booth of Studio B is lined with musicians in wheeled office chairs who are bobbing their heads to a song they just finished recording in the early hours of that morning. The funky opening beat of “If I Was Your Girlfriend” is weaving through the air overhead, and Prince’s brother, Omarr Baker, is smiling like he’s trying to keep a killer secret, restraining himself from getting up to dance.

It’s taken a long time for Omarr to get here. Since Prince passed away, he’s been championing the idea of using Paisley Park’s state-of-the-art studios to record new music, something he says Prince explicitly wanted. Paisley Park opened for tours in October 2016, but it wasn’t until this summer that surviving members of Prince’s family began using Studio B again — first it was Tyka Nelson, who recorded a tribute song and video, then Sharon Nelson, who had musicians record some of their father John L. Nelson’s jazz compositions. This month, Baker is in the studio with the just-formed New Power Soul, tracking a new album of Prince covers by musicians from the NPG and other projects that Baker will release on his own record label, PRN Family Records, in the next few months.

“This is one of the few times I could actually see it coming alive,” Baker says, sitting on a purple plush love seat in Studio B next to his wife, Virginia. He speaks softly and stoically, but his eyes twinkle with excitement when he talks about his project and he softens into a gentle smile. “Our brother didn’t want this to be a dead place. He wanted the recording studios to be active — for talented artists to be able to use this space. He said to me, ‘One day I’ll be gone, but this will all live on.’ And music is what keeps it alive.”

He looks over to Marva King, who is seated next to an open Pro Tools session, and she enthusiastically nods her head. Marva spent years performing alongside Prince in the NPG, joining in 1997 during the Emancipation era and returning for a stint in the late 2000s.

“This all came from Marva,” Omarr explains. “She wanted to keep on performing, but to assemble the whole NPG is 23, 24 people. So we said, ‘What if we formed a new band?'”

With King acting as producer and director and Baker overseeing the project, they recruited former NPG saxophonists Adrian Crutchfield and Marcus Anderson; NPG bassist Josh Dunham; the keyboardist Gail Jhonson, who had performed with Morris Day; London-based drummer Vanessa Domonique; and lead singer Jason Tenner, who has spent the past 20 years paying tribute to Prince with a Las Vegas-based show called Purple Reign. They expect the band to evolve and grow in size over time, especially as they move out of the studio and onto the stage.

For now, though, the members are tending to the matter at hand: Getting an album of material in the can. They’ve spent the past five nights working from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., with engineer Jason Miller setting up the studio for recording each night and tearing it down each morning before the public tours resume. The musicians gelled in the studio by jamming on familiar Prince songs, and the first 12 songs are from throughout Prince’s career, ranging from Prince’s earliest material, like “Sexy Dancer” and “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” all the way to “Revelation” from his final album, HITnRUN Phase Two. And they’ve started recording original material; one recording that’s already been finished is a new song from King.

“If you didn’t have his ethic, you wouldn’t last very long with him,” King reflects, speaking nonchalantly about their intense recording schedule and smiling contentedly at the recording playing overhead. After listening to “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” Baker asks the engineer to cue up portions of “Revelation,” a ballad channeled beautifully by King and Marcus Anderson, and “Days of Wild,” which digs deep into a funky groove.

As the music plays, Tenner sits coyly in a chair at the end of the console, bowing his head as he listens intently to the songs. When the music finishes, he speaks slowly, as if he’s still wrapping his head around what all of this means for him.

“It’s very surreal,” Tenner says. Just days after visiting Paisley Park and taking a VIP tour, he was contacted by Omarr, who had heard positive things about his Las Vegas show. Now he finds himself at the same mixing board where Prince tracked many of the songs he’s spent his life examining and perfecting, taking on the gargantuan task of contributing his voice to the recordings of these songs. “Marva’s a great producer, and a great director,” he says. “I’ve got a big old head, but she keeps me in check. It’s helping me evolve, which is what Prince was all about: Always growing, and always getting better.”

“The first day I had to keep punching myself,” Domonique says, and the room bursts into laughter. “I don’t even have a word for it; it’s big, for me to be here. It’s big.”

Looking around the studio space, King has an enchanted look in her eye. “It takes me back. I’ve spent a lot of time on that sofa waiting for my turn at the mic, and on the sofa in Studio A, watching Prince work and watching him sing into that microphone at the sound board and record himself.”

“This has been therapeutic for me, too,” King continues. “I was in a dark place last year, and when I visited Paisley Park for the first time I had to set some parameters; I couldn’t go into certain areas yet. But now, to be here, the musicians are so excited. This feels right. All of the music he provided for us, it’s brought us back together. And we’re laughing so hard that my sides hurt, just like it used to be.”

After the music is finished, Baker takes a moment to further explain his vision for the project. “This is a group effort,” Baker says. “This isn’t about replacing Prince; it’s about paying homage to him and his music. Prince always promoted ‘Real music by real musicians,’ and that’s what this is all about.”

Though he is taking on the endeavor independently, he did received a trademark license for use of the New Power Soul name from the Prince estate (it’s the name of a 1998 New Power Generation album, and a phrase that showed up repeatedly in Prince’s songs), and intends to funnel some of the proceeds back into the estate. In addition to the album, in the near future they’ll begin offering live performances, in what Baker describes as “a theatrical production, which is what the fans have been wanting.”

When I ask Baker what he means by theatrical, he simply smiles and says, “Have you ever seen Sign o’ the Times?”

As our conversation winds down, the musicians are eager to get back to recording, and Tenner stands up and starts singing a few lines of “International Lover” over a recording by the band, snapping effortlessly between a high, soulful falsetto and a Prince-like snarl. He closes his eyes and tugs at his shirt, as if overtaken by the moment, then shakes his head and grins sheepishly. “Sorry,” he says, and everyone around him laughs.

No matter what happens next with this particular project, one thing is for certain: Studio B has been filled once again with music, laughter, and giddy joy, a little creative hub churning away in the middle of the Chanhassen night. And something about that feels just right.

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  • laytonian

    I was all in until I read that they’d brought in a Prince impersonator. NO!
    This isn’t about recreating him; it should be about recreating his music.

  • Larry Miller

    This is a sad money grab.

    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Don’t worry… They won’t be making jack.

  • Sarasavoy

    I would totally get behind this if they were doing their own thing… The only person I want to hear sing Prince songs is Prince. It’s a miss for me.

    • laytonian

      The musicians are fine. NOT an impersonator. What are they thinking?

      • Red_haired_Robin

        Have you seen him? He’s unbelievable. Great, it’s not like an impersonator at all. More like, he’s covering Prince’s music…I’ve flown to Vegas many times to see him.

        • Joshua Nixon

          That may be true, but he sounds nothing like him and he’llbe forever trying to imitate him.
          Not a good idea. Prince never allowed anyone to imitate or mimic him when he held the world captive. I’m sure he frowning on this idea.

          • Tavonda Williams

            Did all know that Prince actually met with him so he must have approved

          • James Michael Stevens

            I dont think so…

          • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

            That is correct, several times in fact, and Prince popped in on them at House of Blues Courtyard 1 nite, he was ok with it because like I said, they sing and play it all themselves and It ain’t new, Jason is a well versed, brilliant Musician himself, I guarantee u this project won’t disappoint.

          • Skipper Magoo

            Man can you quit lying I’m either im his family or a member of his band but man can you quit lying I know what Prince said to me about that show. He never saw it. didn’t want to see it. couldn’t stand it. Please man whoever you are protect your friend Jason but stop with the lies……

        • Diana Menendez

          I Totally Agree,I’m a local in Vegas and feel Jason has had the best of all the Impersonator Shows around the world.He Actually has mastered many Instruments,an Amazing Voice,Great Dancer,Performer and yes he creates a show that channels just what you go there to see him do,Honor,Remember Prince!!We Love You Jason,God Bless

          • Red_haired_Robin

            Exactly! He’s the reason I go to Vegas.

          • Rita Taylor

            Some people just don’t understand. No one is trying to BE the person they impersonate. They are paying tribute to that person. Everyone’s a critic though. I have heard good things about this show and hope to see it myself one day

          • Skipper Magoo

            Hey I understand your a Jason Friend or fan and that’s find but lie please stop it. Jason ahs not mastered anything not one instrument and stop trying to put him in the class of Prince. Again find I understand you love him but please stop with the lies. If the guy Jason is ever to get a chance at something it won’t be because of you guys

          • Diana Menendez

            That’s your Opinion, and we all are Entitled to have that,but you are very wrong when you speak of Jason not having the ability to master numerous musical instruments..Peace and Love from someone that Loves,Respects the Real Prince just as all of you do.

        • Rita Taylor

          I’ve heard he’s really good

        • Rhonda Morningstar Pope

          but it is…but this bigger question we should all be asking is what would Prince think? I think we know the answer…

    • Adrianne McLane

      Prince didn’t want to be imitated or duplicated. We don’t want Prince to go the way of Elvis – hundreds, thousands of dopey impersonators. This is awful.

      • Marianna

        I agree, this just doesn’t seem like a good idea. No matter how good their intentions may be. SMH..

    • I do think that it’s a well-meaning attempt of a tribute to Prince… except that it isn’t him. Until they start doing their own thing, I’ll take a pass.

    • DA Brown

      i agree. Only Prince

    • Patrick

      Guess the brother will show us America how he will use the financial blessing left to him by prince pretty cool

  • LuxLuxLux

    This is very distasteful. No one wants a fake Prince. He is being let down over and over again.

    • Helen Shelton Cato

      This guy has been doing a Vegas tribute show portraying Prince for 20 years. He has met Prince on 2 occasions. I have seen some of his performances, and he is really good.

      • LuxLuxLux

        Prince is dead. Prince’s brother has created a band where the lead singer is a Prince impersonator. Doesn’t matter how long the guy has been doing it or how good he is, the whole thing is messed up! It’s SOMEONE WHO PRETENDS TO BE PRINCE!

        • John Thompson

          Get Over It. Jason is Prince reincarnated. He learned the guitar and piano on his own in less than 6 months, He is a Genius! He will do Prince proud.

          • Jackie Bojarski

            Jason is not Prince reincarnated lmao. He’s a pale imitation of the true bonafide genius that was Prince, and hiring him to sing Prince covers is utterly disgraceful to Prince’s memory.

          • Skipper Magoo

            That’s the most stupid and disrespectful comment I have ever heard its a damn shame this man Prince spent his life being the greatest and you take that away with a remark that makes you look like I don’t know what…But your funny

          • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            You’re a COMPLETE IDIOT.

          • Manolo

            Comments like this won’t help Jason. You aren’t doing him any favors by making these kinds of remarks, no matter how big of a fan you think you are. Jason is Jason, he’s not Prince and never will be. Don’t alienate Prince’s fans fool, we are the ones who will BUY or not buy Jason’s music.

        • John Thompson
          • Beamboom

            Oh dear… that was… Horrible. He sounds like a karaoke artist, and moves NOTHING like him.

          • Yansa M.Toussaint

            I’d rather see a hologram than this bullshite!

          • Debbie D’Angelo

            I so agree this guy may be making money in Las Vegas, but he is not Prince, and shame on Omar Baker.
            This is a travesty. An Epic fail. And a big PASS from me.

          • Renita Nixon

            I disagree. I’m a musician and extremely critical, but that performance was excellent!

          • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            So am I… AND IT SUCKED

          • Rose

            He’s the lead of purple reign?? Omg I had no idea

          • Darlaj Dolphin

            I didn’t even make it 5 seconds! Awful!

          • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            THAT IS ABSOLUTELY VOMIT INDUCING … & Cringe worthy. This is why what happens in VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS.

        • Cammille Hill

          Jason was seen by and received a nod from PRINCE for his talent, There are so ooooh many people touched by his greatness there will be many sprouts of him for a looooong time coming. HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING!

          • Skipper Magoo

            @cammille Hill

            Prince never saw Jason and never gave a nod, please stop with the lies again I know what Prince said to me about that show he never saw it or liked the guy doing it never met him. You guys and your lies

      • Skipper Magoo

        Helen this is why we get mad because of lies. No he has not met Prince ever and Prince never wanted to met him or had a reason to again he hated impersonators. Your speaking on what someone told you or you heard.

    • Helen Shelton Cato

      The photo here, however, does not look good…at all. However, there are some photos of him that he actually bears a strong resemblance to Prince.

      • LuxLuxLux

        that doesn’t make it ok!

    • Red_haired_Robin

      He’s wonderful, you have to see him. Then decide.

      • LuxLuxLux

        That’s not the point. The family of a dead man have recruited a man who impersonates said dead man to sing his songs to make money. Why are people missing how morbid it is?! Who in their right mind wants to see someone on tour literally pretending to be Prince? Why is his family backing this? It’s explotative.
        How do people not see what is wrong with having someone who impersonates your dead brother in a band playing his music? Prince deserves better than this.

        • deborah

          I couldn’t have said it better…I got thru 1 minute of this video and wanted to puke

        • Red_haired_Robin

          Well, I just don’t see it that way. I think it’s to honor Prince and remember his music. :-)

    • John Thompson
      • deborah

        this is horrible!!! who pays this idiot, he sounds nothing like Prince, doesn’t look anything like him. I wouldn’t go see this on any ones dime

      • Darrell

        No John Thompson he is not Prince reincarnated there is only one Prince. He’s a good musician but Prince was a genius songwriter, producer, instrumentalists, and entertainer. So please stop with the comparisons it disrespects Prince and his legacy what we had with Prince is a once in a life time experience like Mozart.

        • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          ONCE ON EARTH. Period

      • Gina Price


    • Mikemann McMahon


  • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

    They have Original Material: This is not a Money Grab, this band has Real Musicians I know personally.

    • LuxLuxLux

      with someone who is known for pretending to be Prince. It’s as bad as the hologram idea.

      • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

        They have their own Material, why is there so much speculation? Trust me its a hit, you’ll c, its gonna b good stuff.

    • Sheila Self

      How do you know personally. Did you know Prince. I did. He was my best friend.

      • Re Re Williams

        Stop lying! You have a million different stories to sell folks. Go somewhere and be a fake psychic smh

      • Henry Mhoon

        If he was, you shouldn’t be homeless….

      • Henry Mhoon

        And by the way, I grew up with him and tyka when they lived with their mother. I was on 8th and Thomas and they were on 8th and Upton.

      • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

        I met him, yes, and eye no 4 a fact that he approved of Jason and Purple Reign, because they sing and play their instruments Live.

    • laytonian

      Get rid of the impersonator. That guy is a joke.

      • Cheryl Olguin

        He is actually a talented musician with his own body of work. While I don’t like the idea of this whole thing, I don’t blame him for saying yes to the opportunity.

      • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

        He’s not a joke: He’s a serious Prince Tribute Artist who headlines the Main Marquee at The Las Vegas Hilton, where Elvis once hung his hat!~ Furthermore, he produces his own music which I think is funky, so don’t hate, congratulate.

        • Diana Menendez

          Yesssss,Say That!!

        • Manolo

          The fans don’t begrudge the man a single thing in terms of his accomplishments and apparently Prince was fine with seeing Jason as a Vegas act. But the thing that isn’t being HEARD is that Prince’s fans do NOT want the person who is supposed to be the lead of this new group to go with the impersonator persona. Is that clear enough?<> And it is not clear to us that Jason is going to just be the lead singer here, especially with this picture showing him dressed that way. This is not hard to understand, really it isn’t, but fans of Jason are MAKING it hard to understand by not seeing what Prince’s fans find objectionable about all of this. New music is good, using Paisley Park to create new music is good, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do Prince’s fans want an impersonator trying to impersonate him! Leave that shit in Vegas where it belongs!

          Do you get it now???? I can clarify further if it still isn’t clear.

  • Sheila Self

    Use the band. No fake Prince. He didn’t want that. Using his image. That’s great you brought back his band members. But Prince is there at Paisley. Tyka is using Prince. Are you Omar. If you are good hearted. Pay the members. Then all the rest of the money will go to his charity and you don’t profit.

  • Lisa Tharp

    …. O HELL. NO!!! Do not use prince songs or “fake prince”

  • Harold Pride

    This is an insult and beyond absurd.

    • Fannie Dixon

      Where do you see him on or at?

  • Dawn B

    no thanks

    • Red_haired_Robin

      See him perform…

  • Chloe Clark

    he will NEVER be his brother. he doesn’t have ‘IT’ and without ‘IT’ he looks like a clown.
    Prince could wear that and ROCK IT, you??? sit the hell down. Prince didn’t talk to you for a reason and NOW WE ALL understand why. poser

    • laytonian

      Prince taught Omarr to tie his shoelaces and how to drive a car. He didn’t ignore him. In fact, he provided a home for Omarr (who cared for Mattie & Hayward in their old age) and ON still lives in that home.

      • Delinda

        That’s all fine and good that he taught him how to tie his shoes and drive a car, but I am not sure what that has to do with what is happening… though I didn’t know Prince personally, he did not appear to be someone that would approve of someone impersonating him and watering down his work. He worked hard and established his brand. It’s aweful, distasteful and disgraceful what his brother is doing. I cannot believe that the other family members are allowing this foolishness.Ridiculous people. ENOUGH!!!

    • Red_haired_Robin

      Do you think the person in the picture is claiming to be his brother? His brother isn’t pictured. The guy in the picture is Jason Tenner and he’s very talented.

  • Jennifer Arseneault

    Ohh Prince why oh why did you not have a will sweet boy? These clowns you had nothing to do with are going to bring Paisley Park nothing but embarrassment – and use your name to do it….

    • laytonian

      A will would have changed nothing. There would still be fake heirs crawling out of the woodwork, a will can be challenged. Well-defined trusts would have been better (and he may have had some).

      • LuxLuxLux


  • Michelle L. DeLisle

    Listen, this is about real musicians using this space to bring it alive again. What’s with the hate? Prince would love to jam with these musicians, I assure you.

    • LuxLuxLux

      because the lead is a Prince impersonator.

    • laytonian

      There are many fine singers who P supported. No one wants an impersonator. If I want to hear his music, I can play hundreds of songs. This is just wrong.

      • Michelle L. DeLisle

        However, it sounds like they will be jamming and making their own music. Maybe that’s just his Vegas gig and he also works on his solo career, you know? Give it a chance and see what they put out, eh?

        • LuxLuxLux

          the article says the first album will be Prince covers.

        • Red_haired_Robin

          He has his own music too.

        • Diana Menendez

          Believe me Jason was and is Amazing,WHATEVER he sings and WHATEVER Instrument he plays!!He was before Purple Reign Show and would be after it.Purple Reign is his JOB!!My God,what is Wrong with all this Negativity about something that MOST don’t even KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS IN THE PLANNING!!So QUICK to Spew Hate,Shade.He has did Purple Reign for all these yrs BECAUSE he does it WELL and people come from all over the world repeatedly to see his LIVE Tribute Performance,Show which is very Professionally done.A TRIBUTE PERFORMANCE!!

        • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ


    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      You ASSure us? And……… who the fuck R U?

  • Emmy Achziger

    Its not about replacing Prince..NO ONE can do that, like the writer said its about paying homage and if ANYONE has ever had the chance to see Jason (Purple Reign) perform In Vegas you would know this is most deserved, I have seen them several times and never confused as to what his purpose was..Keeping his legacy alive is not an insult..creating music , doing exactly what he would have inspired to do himself, Give it a chance people, OPEN your closed minds… not everything is about a buck$…yea believe it or not!!

    • LuxLuxLux

      If it’s not about replacing Prince why involve a Prince impersonator? The hate is fully justified, this is a bad bad idea.

      • Emmy Achziger

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

      • Nancy Molloy

        I did not know hate could be “justified”

        • LuxLuxLux


        • Emmy Achziger

          My thought exactly, why there is such HATE! Prince was about LOVE!

      • Red_haired_Robin

        Because he performs his music so well.

      • Lorie Willis

        Nobody can replace Prince. He said those who play him play themselves. Are these people nuts? No wonder he had had nothing to do with them. This guy has nothing in common with Prince period.

    • laytonian

      Impersonators. Fine if you like that kind of thing (I think they’re sleazy).
      BUT NOT on an album recorded in P’s studio and sold by his estate.

      • Emmy Achziger

        again everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • Lisa Bellone

      I agree totally

    • Diana Menendez

      I Totally Agree!!It’s NOT like they are trying to do,Replace Prince!!! This is a NEW Group being put together comprised if people that ACTUALLY worked wit him and a person that is qualified sining,dancing,master of many instruments and was long ago admired by Prince himself for his Tribute show to him.I think they ALL as a Group will do PROUD any of music that can be used from the Prince Catalog of especially not yet recorded music.I don’t think it will be an IMPERSONATION SHOW,it’s just Jason is perfect to record with them.Perfect fit!!

    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ


  • Lori Hohl Wright

    I agree Larry. I Don’t think this is what Prince had in mind. I hope it doesn’t spoil the dream he imagined for Paisley Park. As for myself, it doesn’t offer any appeal.

  • Mom

    Is the impersonator going to be impersonating Prince in this group? Because if so, that will be the downfall and it will happen quickly.

  • Jacke Watley

    Prince was loved my many and I’ve been a fan since 1978 when I first heard his album For You, and then his song Soft&Wet was released I was hooked. Then the album Prince which released on my birthday 10/19/79 which I rubbed in my friends faces, but the icing on the cake was seeing him live when he came to our little town in Lake Charles, La. in 1980, and again 1982 and from the moment he walked on that stage I knew no one would ever be greater than him in my eyes ever, the only way to describe it would be like God holding my hand cause when he played he has my undivided attention until he exits the stage. He gave me my money’s worth and from that night there’s no amount of money I wouldn’t have paid to see him perform, and saying that Prince wasn’t in it for greed he was a rare performer who love playing for his fans as much as his fans loved him and his music, and that’s the reason so many of us (his fans) speak up when someone is out to profit off him.He spoke out on things most others in the music business wouldn’t dare discuss but that’s who Prince was explaining that performing his music for his fans made him be at peace, but don;t get it wrong there was a lot of evil in the music industry and without a mentor people lose their way and most in up broke, strung out on drugs and taken advantage of and in the end have nothing to show for it. Prince lives on to me everything that was done that day was a cover up from when he was found to the way he died and what I find sad all the people who said they were friends etc. not one stood up and defended him against the drug allegations that were being said, oh a few said one are two words but not the truth just enough to keep yourself from being where he is. I’m know doctor but I’m a Prince fan and he wasn’t a drug addicted and there’s no one but him that could tell me different. I have family members, friends and people i know that are drug addicted and when high which is all the time are when they have money they can[t stand let lone walk and y’all want me to believe that Prince was a drug addicted HA,HA,HA he would’ve fell flat on his face, his speech would’ve been slurred, and dancing yeah right you meant falling down cause high people can’t stand. Then he’s cremated so fast could’ve gave a televised memorial for him he was PRINCE and not one station would’ve turned them down because of the rating.Then his sister said she new he was dying for over 2 years without one tear, I’m just a fan and I still cry and I’ve never seen her in them 2 years well never before in my 30 years following Prince. He was a perfectionist and he also didn’t want his hard work to end up in the hands of people that he viewed as greedy so if he new he was dying he would’ve had a will, which he did but it burned are was destroyed and now you wanna have someone play him singing his music go back and find a interview where he said NO ONE can ever play him

    • laytonian

      Give it a rest. He was not murdered. He did have some issues with drugs, which he carefully managed for years.
      Paragraphs are your friend.

      • Jacke Watley

        You think what you want and I’ll believe what i want anybody can take something for pain which I’m sure he had but he wasn’t a drug addicted which the media and people like you wish we would think, but they pay people like yourself to troll the internet to try and stop people from voicing their opinion

  • Catrinia Vaneissa Smith

    If he is tale talented he should sing his own songs and have his own music. Look at Janet vs Micheal they both sing ,dance and act. Two different sounds.

    • Red_haired_Robin

      He does.

  • JisforJulie

    I understand the huge problems there are with the way with the estate was left…BUT…where is THE LOVE???? A “theatrical production?!” If you have original music then BE ORIGINAL. Do the fans need Prince theater? No. Play his music? Great. Play with his persona? No way.

    I want to hear that – despite all the red tape – someone is working on a plan for how to best share his current and archived work, preserve his legacy and pass it on the next generation. The financial possibilities are endless and can be done in Love & Respectful way. Please move towards that goal instead of all these money grab events that he would never approve and that take advantage of the deep love and support of his forever fans..

    No “theaterical productions” to line people’s pockets. Any financial gains made on the back of Prince should be used to preserve his legacy and to fund projects he would be proud of – music in school, new artists,, a Prince inspired ballet or musical OR any of the the dozens of other non-musical projects and initiatives he supported and wanted to thrive.

  • Cynthia Odum

    You all downers have evidently not seen or heard Jason Tenner, If anyone can do The Purple one to life ,it’s him. AND Prince wants music to live on, so Jason & NPS do your thing. I know what you do and you’re the only one I want to hear singing Prince,the only one that can do him justice

  • Vicky Lynn Adair

    Damn money grabbers. Prince never let him in the studio, (so musta had a good reason) so why the hell should he be using it NOW?? No wonder Prince didn’t have anything to do with his family. Just a bunch of leaches wanting to ride his coat tails. :-( So very sad. No worries Prince. Your fans won’t but into this shit.

  • frankiealmost

    Jason Tenner is Bad Ass and there ain’t nobody that could fill Prince’s shoes better. I by no means think he is trying to replace Prince, rather that he is paying homage to Prince’s vision along Prince’s family members …and how dare the rest of you assume that you know better than the people Prince loved and respected. They are trying to keep Prince’s legacy alive. Most of us don’t understand the impact of leaving behind a legacy of such epic proportions by way of art, Most of us will leave behind children and some cash/property. If you were to pass away while your children were still young and someone else stepped into take care of them, would you claim that they are trying to replace you and be YOU version 2.0? or would you simply agree that these children must grow and be raised by others that share the same visions and aspirations as yourself? Prince’s friends and family, along with Jason Tenner are the best possible people to raise Prince’s kids (his music). I support this project 100%

    • LuxLuxLux

      Why do his shoes need to be filled?

      • frankiealmost

        To raise his kids

        • r212

          Whose kids?

          • frankiealmost

            His “kids” aka his music

    • Diana Menendez

      I totally Agree!!Although I’m a serious Prince Fan, I have been watching Jason perform MANY times since 2004 because I lived in Vegas and his shows have Always been Professional, Amazing.He is a Talented,Qualified Musician of many Instruments,Excellent Dancer and Vocalist and very Impressive performing his Shows.. .Jason does not live his life trying to be,replace Prince.It”s what he does as a Tribute and Job for many yrs,to Honor a Great Man that he Admires,Respects, NOT TO BE HIM.Prince himself has taken time to see him and was impressed not offended.So I feel that Jason and the others will do Prince Proud by continuing his music that we know as well as new material.Good For Them.

      • stonedoubt

        Couldn’t be better said. He starts every show by stating that very thing. It’s NOT an impersonation… it is truly a tribute and Jason is a great person. I am excited for him and excited to see this project.

        • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          Cool….. word semantics!

    • Red_haired_Robin


    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      there ain’t nobody that could fill Prince’s shoes ……. EVER! NEVER …. EVER…. EVER… So stop trying to tell us WHAT TIME IT IS! And BTW Boy Wonder…. There is a huge difference between homage and sacrilege!

  • Michael D Tate

    There will be no other Prince, don’t go faking the funk, impersonators stay in Vegas,. don’t soil Paisley Park, if you choose to record there, record your own music, your own ideas, Prince has a multitude of classic songs that is his legacy

  • sherry

    Love thy will be done…Idk 😐

  • okaydenbye


  • Red_haired_Robin

    Ok, to all you naysayers; how many of you have seen Jason Tenner perform? Why stand on some silly principle? See this man and see what he offers; great renditions of Prince’s music. Think of it as an homage. How sad would it be to never hear Prince’s music live again? Listening to a cd is one thing but hearing it, done well, live is another. This guy is incredibly talented. Withhold your opinions until you see him. Then, let yourself have fun and enjoy the music–because it’s great!

    • r212

      Never in a million, trillion years.

      • Red_haired_Robin

        Your loss!

        • r212

          Yeah…no, it really isn’t.

          • Red_haired_Robin

            How can you know?

        • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          Ummmm…. NOPE!

    • Yansa M.Toussaint

      I’ll just watch Youtube videos of Prince performing. I’ll pass!

    • Brenda Taylor

      Red_haired_Robin – we will never hear Prince’s music being played live again. What we will hear are people’s interpretations or their take on his music. And yes, it is sad. Every day I think how I will never see another Prince performance. Every day I think how I saw him perform Purple Rain the very last time he ever performed it live. A homage is one thing. This is not that. This is them taking an impersonator and trying to recreate the essence of Prince. That can’t be recreated. I’ve looked at the videos in this comment section and just cringed, because Tenner is trying to come across like Prince, vocally, visually, musically, but there is only one Prince. Having an impersonator perform and record Prince’s music is not paying him homage, it is very much an attempt to replace him and to recreate Prince’s fame, status, and money. Imagine if you will, that in your career that you achieved some degree of success. Once you pass, your family and friends hire someone to impersonate you to do the job you used to do – hoping that it would appease your customers. How would you feel about your family and friends doing that? Personally, I would find it a little creepy. I would hope they had enough love for me to let me go and get on with their lives, living them to the fullest, without trying to get someone to fill my shoes. There is only one of me, let me remain unique. And then I would wonder, am I really that easily replaced by those that claim to love me the most? Let Prince be the only Prince. Don’t bring in an impersonator to sing Prince’s songs Prince’s way. It can’t be done any way, so why settle for less than the best?

      • Red_haired_Robin

        I hope that when I pass people miss me so much that they try to keep my ideas, etc alive. I wish someone would tour that was really good at doing Edith Piaf’s music. Or, Amália Rodrigues. Or Frank Sinatra. It’s fun to hear your favorites by someone that does them well. At any rate, cheers. Best wishes.

    • Diana Menendez

      I agree, and believe me there will be plenty that will ENJOY IT!! I don’t think there will be a problem.What’s that old saying,MONEY Talks,BS Walks.Lol……

    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Why stand on some silly principle? BECAUSE PRINCIPALS MATTER YOU BRAIN DEAD CHIMP.

  • Susan Sullivan

    I dont think Prince would agree wih this…A Vegas Act needs to stay in Vegas…..Prince was looking for NEW comers to help them achieve their ability to the Highest….Just doesnt seem right…Im the same age as Prince and grew up admiring him and his Music.This i would NOT admire..Tributes..yes…New Band..No

  • John Thompson

    Congrats Jason Tenner! I have seen your how over a dozen times in Vegas. I know you will do an amazing job.

  • John Thompson

    Watch “Purple Reign on David Letterman ” with Jason Tenner as Prince! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFCeI5XyHq4

  • Nah I’m good will never replace Prince

  • Dennis Willis

    https://youtu.be/JL44S7pbIVo I love Prince…..Jason does a fantastic job and is very talented in his own right….

  • r212

    No. Never. Uh-uh.

  • Dennis Willis
    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ


  • Bobby L. Martin

    Damn…everybody has got an opinion. If you ain’t with it, then don’t support it. Apparently, we all still love Prince, and miss his genius. There will always be impersonators. I really don’t care. If it is not meant to happen, he will fall flat on his face. Family has more right than we do. IJS.

  • deborah

    this is just wrong on so many levels ..when will these leeches stop making money off of Prince and go out and get a real job!!! none of them have any talent on their own? I think they all need to be arrested not to ever see the light of day again!


    Love it – a New SOUL Movement is comin’!

  • Constance Brown-Howard

    I can’t do this pay tribute yes but all this sampling and Vegas look-a-like I can’t. It’s a no for me too.

  • lightbluecollar

    They broke Prince’s first rule in band assembly, diversity.

  • Darrell

    People don’t you think that if Tenner was that talented of a songwriter it would not take 20 years to be discovered. If we want to go see Prince songs played live we can go see his act in Vegas. And If you want to pay homage write original compositions in the style of Prince and the Minneapolis sound.

  • Jackie Bojarski

    This is an absolute disgrace. Bringing in a Prince impersonator to record covers of Prince’s songs? WTF?! I’m disappointed that his former band mates went along with this, and even more disappointed that his brother is supporting it :( What an insult to Prince’s memory. And then to have the nerve to say that they’re not trying to replace Prince after hiring a Prince impersonator….this whole thing is a mess. I hope no one supports this.

  • David Gibbons

    Ok I read all the comments below and I thought “ok, lets not be cynical, lets not jump on the band wagon of derision, lets give Jason a look up on Youtube, lets be fair and positive. And hear is my conclusion:
    HELL NO. Absolitely embarrasing and awful. Not 1% of the charisma of Prince. Sounds NOTHING like him, has none of his singing qualities, can’t move like him and errr ….. too tall !!
    No – I gave it a chance. It is true – ther was and only ever will be one Prince. Leave stuff like that alone.
    I will not support this at all. It makes me cringe.

  • Monica London

    God only created one Prince Rogers Nelson. He cannot be replicated or duplicated.

  • #regurgitation

  • Lida

    I’ve seen Jason perform on several occasions in Vegas with the Purple Reign tribute show (all before Prince died, couldn’t bear to do so post April ’16) and it was a fun show, always a good time, BUT PLEASE, he pales in comparison to the real Prince in concert. There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby. For Prince’s own blood relative to think this was a good idea really blows my mind. Like, did you even love your brother? Omarr just trying to line his pockets as this is his own venture and has nothing to do with the estate. Since he can’t get his grubby hands on that cash, why not try to milk grieving Prince fans with some terrible gimmick, right? Ughh..I am not even going to blame this 100% on Jason either (he should not have accepted the invite from Omarr) because remember, it is Omarr Baker, Prince’s half-sibling that is the mastermind behind this hair-brained idea. Let’s just boycott the project and hopefully it will bomb and disappear. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for the actual estate to put out something worthwhile. I’ll be listening to my Prince records and watching my Prince movies until then if anybody needs me.

  • VEW

    I will hold my opinion until I actually see the group perform, if they can REALLY do the man proud, then why not. But those are some awfully big shoes they are trying to fill..so I am not too optimistic.

  • JoAnn Gamble

    Let’s just wait and see let’s not pass judgement.

  • Aplus 2018

    I think I’ll say what I’ve said to others that don’t agree with anyone performing Prince’s music. It’s simply going to happen. Prince has a lot of fans from all over the world, and from every genre of music you can think of.

    • Diana Menendez

      And it will be Amazing to hear some of his Catalog of music be recorded.Who would they prefer join the group.The way people are talking they are judging Jason because he has a Job of Tribute to Prince,Instead it should be about who is MOST FIT TO FILL THE POSITION!!Narrow Minds can also be Shallow.

      • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        NO ONE CAN “Fill The Damn POSITION!” You idiotic clown.

  • Snoopy

    OMG this is terrible the impersonation smh I feel like i’m at a low end vegas motel in the lounge… NO, No, No Please

  • Brenda Taylor

    I appreciate the musicians and what they brought to Prince’s music. They dug deep for Prince, and provided some incredible music. However, I agree with others that have said, “please NO impersonator.” This is not what the fans want. Honestly, the fans want Prince doing Prince music, but all we are left with are recordings and our memories. Having an impersonator just screams of desperation to recreate the essence of Prince and sell it to fans that are still grieving, still wanting Prince with us, as the next best thing and thinking that we are desperate enough to buy it. I think what the family is missing, not understanding, is that we don’t want others performing Prince’s music. No one can top him, no one can surpass him. We’ve already had the best of the best. We don’t want impersonators. Impersonators have their place in Vegas or other high tourist areas, not in Prince’s studio. We are waiting patiently for Prince’s music to be released as sung and performed by Prince and the musicians he selected and chose to perform with. The article says he wanted NEW music to be recorded – not his music re-recorded by an impersonator with Prince’s old band members.

    • Manolo

      Yes, exactly this.

    • Charles ‘Chazz’ Smith

      Where is the outrage and demand for justice? Instead hiring imposters? This is embarrassing & disgraceful (again my opinion).

      • Brenda Taylor

        Honestly, Chazz, you are right. There should be outrage and demand for justice. The investigation has been going on for over a year now and there are no new leads? Nothing? I understand that investigations take time, but I’m afraid that this will turn into a cold case and justice will not be had. And I want to say, too, that I’m so sorry for your loss. It hit us fans hard, but I can only imagine how much harder it hit the family. Keep fighting the fight, Chazz. Prince needs someone in the family willing to stand up and fight for him since he can’t fight for himself any more.

        • Charles ‘Chazz’ Smith

          Brenda, with all due respect I feel like what I said (above) is enough. Thank you!

          • Brenda Taylor

            Chaz, I hadn’t said anything in my response except to agree with what you said. However, since you had deleted your original comment, I just deleted my response as I felt you must have deleted it for a reason and didn’t want my comment standing out there. So, no worries! Hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful day.

          • Charles ‘Chazz’ Smith

            Thank you and likewise.

  • Mikemann McMahon

    I get the impression that the only reason they’re in studio B is because Prince is not there to tell security to chase them out!

  • Rose

    NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO… he is gone. I will when I can emotionally handle it… listen to PRINCE when I feel my souls stirvfor his music. NEVER AN IMPOSTER…they r fools

  • Val

    Brother out for the money. You and no one else will ever be able to replace him. Saying he would want it like this, you’re not fooling anyone. Very disrespectful.

  • Jeff Muhammad

    Lets all just chill. Lets see how this all turns out.

  • stonedoubt

    Having met Jason Tenner on several occasions, and seeing him perform the same night Omarr was there, I am excited and happy to see this project. I see some pretty negative comments here but I think most of them are off base. This isn’t about “replacing” Prince. That would be impossible. It’s about keeping this music and genre alive. Prince was a genre all to himself and nobody can take that away from his legacy. However, I certainly think that Prince would approve of this project. Don’t sell this project short or make quick judgments. I am excited to hear what it produces.

    • Diana Menendez

      Thank You for Saying!! People are taking it the wrong way.If they had chose someone that never performed Prince Music, I feel they would STILL be Negative.

  • harold shelton

    What do they sound like? Any original music?

  • Stefan Dozen

    Why don’t bring in some guest vocalists instead ? I mean, people like Sheila, Morris, Wendy, Lisa, Jesse, Andre, Dez, Mark, Jill, Alexander and the list goes on…

    • LuxLuxLux

      great idea

  • Elisa Furr

    Jason performs for millions of people a year. He writes his own songs, plays every instrument and is an incredible person and friend of mine.
    Open up your hearts and give him a chance. This is an opportunity to help keep Princes legacy alive and be able to reach new generations with great music and honor Prince. Jason is not only a tribute artist but he has always performed his own music as well. Get the idea of “cheesy Elvis impersonators” out of your head and concentrate on the fact that this idea stems from a love of wanting to keep princes music alive. If you loved prince then he would have wanted you to love and support those that were close to him.

    • LuxLuxLux

      performs for millions by pretending…to…be…Prince…!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diana Menendez


  • Charles ‘Chazz’ Smith

    No disrespect (this is my opinion and I AM family) but cuz would NOT be down with this! #justice4cuz

    • Lisa Tharp

      Amen 2 that!

    • Delinda

      OMG…I am truly hurt that Prince’s legacy is being reduced to this. what is wrong with his brother.. he must not have good sense.

      • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        $$$$$$$$$ They are ALL A BUNCH OF SCUMBAGS!

    • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

      But Chazz, Prince was ok with it, he saw them and chopped it up with Jason at both Prince and Purple Reign shows, Me and Jason BOTH Love Prince more than life itself, and 4ever, plus any1 can COME check 4 themselves 2 c that is true, y is this even an issue? Morris Day and The Time kick it wit us!~ Prince Tribute Acts r now going 2 b everywhere, its a testament 2 the man’s sheer brilliance. 1

      • Brenda Taylor

        Approving of him performing in Vegas as a tribute band is one thing, recording his music and selling it is another. I’m sure Prince got a kick out of seeing an impersonator in Vegas. But I didn’t see where Prince brought Jason to Paisley Park to record Prince’s music with any of Prince’s band members. Why is this an issue? Prince’s old band members, Prince’s studio, Prince’s music, being recorded by Prince’s old band members, in Prince’s studio, without Prince but instead with someone who tries hard to look like Prince, sound like Prince. It feels like, instead of a tribute, that the family is trying to replace Prince, regardless of what is said. Performing in Vegas or another touristy area as an impersonator is great, do it. Just don’t do it in Prince’s house. That isn’t respect or a tribute to him. In his house, Prince was king and we were his subjects and we adored him. To have someone there recording his music, performing his songs, who tries to look and sound like Prince, the subjects will rebel.

        • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

          Why is everybody claiming that Jason is recording Prince’s Material there? I was told by Jason himself, that he wrote and recorded NEW Material, funk based and influenced by Prince, Composed by him, the brilliant Marva King and the rest of the band, and dedicated it all 2 Prince, just like I did with my own Full Album Vegas Dayz!~ Prince was the greatest Musician of all time: His Music lives on 4ever, I 4 1 am damn sure going 2 uphold his Legacy with all the Tributes I am set 2 per4m myself, plus my own Material which comes first in my case, and I expect all my fellow Prince Tribute Artists 2 follow suit, in fact I know they will and especially in Jason’s case, as Prince was always adamant about Jason doing respectful and legal Prince Tributes here in Vegas, and Jason followed Prince’s rules to the T, so in my opinion as a 35 year Prince Fam, NPS has every right to do their Prince Tributes and so do eye! Oh, and Tyka Nelson said we could, did yall 4get about that?

          • Brenda Taylor

            “Why is everybody claiming that Jason is recording Prince’s Material there?” — From the article: “This month, Baker is in the studio with the just-formed New Power Soul, tracking a new album of Prince covers by musicians from the NPG and other projects that Baker will release on his own record label, PRN Family Records, in the next few months.” And from your own comment: “Prince was always adamant about Jason doing respectful and legal Prince Tributes here in Vegas”. That doesn’t equate to going to Paisley Park and doing an “a new album of Prince covers”. And just because Tyka said you could, doesn’t mean Prince would approve. From your reply, Prince approved “respectful and legal Prince tributes in Vegas”. So, you all will do what you do, but personally, I won’t buy it. I’ve got the Master of Music doing his own music and don’t need recordings of others doing it. The “tributes” won’t compare to what Prince did and how he did his music, so I’ll just stick with Prince doing Prince. Tribute away! But it will be hard for many fans to digest when they’ve had the real thing.

          • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Tyka…. The Demon Possessed, Crack Head Hooker? Oh yeah… THAT TYKA!

          • Skipper Magoo

            Dude do you even read before you write? The are doing a tribute album of Princes music, Now who does that?

          • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

            Get used 2 it, Skipper Magoo and yall: The floodgates are open!~ Prince is gone, we all uphold the purple torch in our own ways, furthermore, if this was sanctioned by Prince’s Fam, what kind of fam are u 2 question it’s authenticity b4 its even released?

          • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Why did Prince have NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS FAMILY? Hmmmm???? Answer me. WHY?!?!?! I’ll TELL YOU! Because they were a pack of parasite… blood sucking… soulless vampires. & I’m supposed to believe in that pit of vipers?
            U GET USED 2 IT! Real Prince Fans want nothing to do with this freak show.

      • Skipper Magoo

        No he didn’t and he never saw them why are you lying? and he has never kicked but hung out with Morris once with Marcus who is from Minneapolis and very close to Morris

        • Skipper Magoo

          My friend you gotta quit lying

        • Francis Nicholas Driscoll

          Jason met Prince on more than 1 occasion. The Prince Songs that he covered are not well known, there is original material on it, I think u all are just hating on Jason ’cause u got time on ur hands, he’s got a dope album coming out, mine’s already out, trust me we are NOT losing any sleep over what u think about our beautiful Prince Tributes!~ 1

          • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            That’s why you are on here LYING…? Cause you don’t care? Right? Not very bright I see….

  • LuxLuxLux

    Wow people defending this… I’m amazed. It’s not really about if Jason is a good person, talented or any of that. HE IS KNOWN AS A PRINCE IMPERSONATOR. Get a clue people, a Prince impersonator is in a group “New Power Soul, tracking a new album of Prince covers”. By what logic is that not an attempt to replace Prince?

    SMDH this is crazy, some people will buy into anything no matter how morbid or insane.

    • Micah Turner

      Yup!!! Soooo Unclassey & kinda Clueless

    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Just LOOK into Tyka’s Eyes…….. She is a demon.

  • Sheri Hardaway

    The brother said in the article that he was going to do some of Prince music and his own with the group. I don’t see a problem with it. Think of it as Prince wrote songs for someone and now they’re singing them. It’s not that serious. I miss Prince very badly but if someone can sing his songs and do them justice then I say give him a chance.

    • Diana Menendez

      I agree,That’s How I feel about it.

  • Bill Paulk

    I cant accept this. Something so wrong about this. Call me crazy, but I cant believe he is gone. Having someone come along and attempt to impersonate makes me sick to my stomach. Prince played a major role in my life for the appreciation of music. I was a student of Prince’s romanticism. To think his life ended with a drug addiction kills me. I believe there are things that arent being said. I f i get to heaven and dont see Prince. I will be highly pissed.

  • wisconsins finest

    Sorry but brother pr not you will NEVER be prince nor would you ever be able to duplicate him.

  • ChilloneG

    Jason will do fine. I’ve seen his show in Vegas and talked with him. He is a humble guy and I don’t think he will try to be Prince, but if they want to pay homage, then it’s actually a smart move to enlist Jason. This is about the love of Prince, not denigration. I approve and will support!.

    • Diana Menendez

      Exactly,So Will I!!

  • Athena Raquel Garnett

    Why would I buy a CD of songs I already own, sung by some imposter??? These songs have already been master and produced to Perfection. Nothing will compare.

  • What he does in vegas should stay in Vegas.

  • What he did in Vegas should stay in Vegas…

  • GuitarJam

    what a travesty

  • Mike Adams

    Marva needs to be ashamed of herself

  • Chicava Honeychild Tate

    So much of mourning has been around dealing with the fact that for the rest of my life people will Prince Karaoke. I’d almost rather never hear the songs again live.

  • Grace Thomas

    He needs to sit down and think about other ways to find money. This is not it. His brother is a legend, don’t ride on his skirt tail and think it will happen for you. Copycat. Do Karaoke!!!

  • Tracey Bellinda Jennings

    Real music by real musicians is still based on their own merit, not that of other artists and their music. So Prince’s music will always be his and we’ve all seen the tributes and interpretations and cringed because his sound is so uniquely his own. The celebration of Prince and his music I support, however, if this is suggesting interpretation of his music by his siblings, I’m confused. We all would rather Prince. Create something new in his honour, sure, but don’t try to fix something that ain’t broke.

  • Tina Marie Doughty

    Nooooooooooooooooooo! There was and will only be ONE Prince!

  • Gaby Mayorano

    ¿Como se atreven? Esto es una basura

  • AJ

    Some artists cannot be imitated, duplicated, fabricated or just plain ole copied. Prince is one of those. This is a roach coming out of the woodwork trying to cash in.

  • stacy adams

    Man go sit your monkey looking ass down somewhere! You are not and will not be Prince. Go have a seat! Uh ha..no no!

  • Tolliver Carpenter

    Pass,it’s gonna be a Vegas act,u have a wonna be Vegas prince, that uv’e now put in a prince spin off band,and if it wasn’t about money why not come out with original material first. Also most of these other members, while good are not the top players of NPG,more of the C Team

  • Angela Watson

    “Intend$ to funnel $ome of the money back into the e$tate.” Hmmm…. what does that exactly mean? This is a horrible idea. It seems to me that brother man is capitalizing as much as he can off of Prince’s life’s work in order to get money for himself & the other past band members. Did you see the list of musicians that are actually going to do this, versus the names not listed that we’re more familiar with. Don’t tell me you’re doing this to honor him? Idk purple family, I’m just not feeling this. The Revolution touring I was down with. This “brotherly love” seems charlatan to me… time will reveal all.

  • Robin Kirksey

    Never cared for impersonators, however Jason Tenner is a channel-er!! I have seen this man perform. I can tell when Jason is Jason which is beautiful in and of itself AND I SEEN JASON DO PRINCE! Nothing Compares to His Royal Badness, but the only mere human to even come close has found a way to channel Him. I’m a hard purple nut to crack and Jason and Marva original NPG vocalist) get my support 100%!

    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      S T F U !!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    Urgh, i think i’m about to vomit. “Snakes in every color, every nationality and size”. Including half-siblings. Guess money DOES matter tonight, unfortunately.

  • orbsyorb

    WTH, no way. that is ludicrous please don’t do this! Impersonators are just that, IMPERSONATORS. Prince can’t be replaced!! This is not wise business thinking, don’t business decisions like these have to meet some type of board approval? If his family is going to run his music empire like this they all need to FIRED!!! Please give the man the respect he deserves and stop making a mockery of all his hard work, and love he gave to those who loved him and his music. Honestly, at this point, Prince’s friends would do a much better job than the people in charge!!!

  • Skipper Magoo

    Ok I’m about tired of all these BS Comments, So as a family member that knows much about both sides Prince and that Las Vegas Show Now I will give you guys some truth. First you Las Vegas people that know Jason Tenner should shut up lying, this is how things get screwed up anyway because of people like you guys if you don’t know the truth just shut up root for the guy but trying to protect him with lies and shit you don’t know????
    1. He didn’t know Prince, never met Prince ( That’s just what he may have told you}
    2. He did not master the guitar and keyboards at all so at least lie and say 10 years ( 6 Months that’s stupid to even say}
    Also have you heard him play its all over youtube and his original music (Shake It}
    3. Prince did not give him the node for him to do the show {How dare you sit there and Lie} and this guy Francis Nicholas Driscoll
    No disrespect we have heard your tribute music.
    4. Prince has never ever kicked it with Jason and or Purple Reign, Morris Day has never Kicked with Purple Reign or been to the
    show Now we know ( Jellybeam Johson, Torry, Jmac have been to the show} But none of the original time except bean has been
    there. SO PLEASE STOP WITH THE LIES. Jason only met Morris Day because Marucs use to be in the show and took Jason to
    Meet Morris Day.

    1. Prince didn’t give the Purple Reign Show a go or like it. Before he died he was about to have his Lawyers send a
    Cease and Desist Order ( Which papers were found pertaining to things he was planning on doing.
    2, Do you think if he wanted The Purple Experience { The Minneapolis Prince Tribute Show Stopped (Even calling Matt
    Fink in telling him he wanted it stopped} how the hell are you going to sit here and say he liked Purple Reign???
    When The Purple Experience wasn’t even doing as good as Purple Reign. ( What is in the papers is that because they
    were using his ( Image, Likeness all his Music and Morris’s Image Likeness and Music, charging tickets and not paying any
    He didn’t care about Purple Reign he was going to sue the Casinos that were letting the shows go on and not paying.
    Why go after the little money, Purple Reign was fine as long as they were doing there little shows small fish. But once
    the big Casinos started letting them play he just needed them to stay somewhere and trust David Siegel (Owner of the
    Westgate was about to get it.
    3. People who are close to the real situation meaning PP or PRN Knows that Prince didn’t Fuck_ with none of them even
    Omar like that, what has happened is a blessing for them, we all know that Prince really didn’t fuck with none of them, now they
    all got his money and running the place in the ground .
    Ok let me ask you something, when you remake a artists song it should be as good or better right? Now you name me
    one artist in the industry that can redo or even come close to redoing a Prince Song? (I’ll wait} Prince’s music was only
    able to be done by Prince, not only is that why he kept his rights and turned down the people he could who wanted to
    redo or use his music and these are industry people some of the biggest names in the business were told no. So how in
    the hell can you even sit here and think Prince would want his songs redone by his half brother who has no music business
    background and a Las Vegas Impersonator who has never released a song in the 20 years he’s been doing Impersonating
    Prince? I heard that he’s only been to 1 real Prince Concert ( This is the Jason guy i’m talking about and from speaking to
    his band at the Westgate he has no understanding of Prince but Purple Rain Album and Movie and was not a Prince fan or knows
    Much Prince’s music before or after Purple Rain ( Now That’s Funny}

    4. So you have this Impersonator who from what we were told from 2 of his band members (that are Pissed because they say
    all this has went to his head)
    But a Prince Impersonator that only knows Purple Rain has no real background in music or the music business and has never put
    out music until he did one song a few years back that his own band says sounds like some horrible Prince wannabe music
    (watch who you make mad this is from someone in the Westgate Band, now it’s amazing what the right girl can find out when she’s
    drinking with you and batting her eyes lol

    5. But you got this guy in Prince’s house touching and rerecording his music and I don’t know about you guys but Prince being
    one of the most incredible vocalist ever and you got this guy re singing Prince’s songs??? Have you heard the David Letterman?
    or any of the youtube videos of him singing? Your kidding me right. Look there comes a point where even as a family member
    even if he didn’t fuck with you and you had to stand on the sideline like a fan, there has to be something in you that says I
    understand what my brother fought for all his life and even if I get the last laugh by owning his shit and getting his money after
    he didn’t fuck with me. Isn’t there some kind of respect for what he gave his life for……

    Look in closing this is what is wrong with black people and families and always have been, Black people never hold on to shit,
    where are the diamond mines Africa right, why don’t we own or control them. Here let me tell you because ever nigga would be
    selling them on the street corner for 5 bucks. We don’t hold onto shit our Rock and Roll is gone to someone else our Jazz which they
    don’t want has no value our R&B music and singers have no value can’t make a living or sale a record (because balck people don’t support. {Elvis is still one of the top selling artist today) Pop Music has taking or music and they have ran with it and unless you go white or crossover you won’t survive.

    When Elvis died they kept his value, you niggas have lost our Greatest Black Entertainer ever not the last 10 Centuries but ever. You mutha fuckas have ran him under the ground already and the man has only been dead a year. His value is gone.
    But when you come to understand the man was a Prophet cause he told you

    He told yall that say he didn’t

  • Skipper Magoo

    So you were in the studio for a week doing anything on Princes level these people are incredible. A week are you serious I can’t stop laughing Prince needs to run thru that studio kicking everybody in the ass with them High Heels cause we know were he’s at now he can wear them again no more bad hips. Just kicking Hips
    And you would have to be some kind of Arrogant I don’t know what to think that you could go up in there as a Impersonator and the family wasn’t going to be pissed. ( I mean the Fan Family } Cause we know his real family don’t give a shit about him. I mean would have been nice if Tyka had of just got it all. I know she’s pissed Some things you should try and stay away from.

  • Afaun Mandol

    OK – voice of reason – Prince said it himself:
    “It really don’t matter who you get with
    Cuz it just ain’t meant 2 b

    It really don’t matter
    Cuz you never shoulda woulda,
    Even coulda been like me

    Eye can get you what you want anything
    At all girl all you gotta say is please
    Ask ur mother ur sister ur brotha
    There’ll never b another
    Never b another like me”

    For those of us that actually saw prince in concert – he can’t be touched by any impersonator or performer – ever. I just saw Bruno Mars and he was really good – but not Prince. For those of us that actually liked his music – an artist will have to do a hell of a lot to even come close to the range and honesty in Princes music and lyrics. I’m quite content to collect as much concert footage as I can find and sit and watch that rather than go to any tribute performances. All of this is just a money grab by anyone associated with Prince. If they knew him (like even the real fans do) they would know he does not want any impersonators – he was about originality – so impersonators is just disrespectful.

  • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    There was a REASON… Prince had very little to NOTHING to do with his “Family.” And Now I Can See EXACTLY WHY. You morons are a COMPLETE DISGRACE TO HIS LEGACY!